FPS drops on PlayStation 5 streams

I stream games on the PlayStation 5. To do this, I use the Avermedia Extreme Cap U3 video capture card.
In OBS, I select "Capture Device" as the source. There I set all the parameters.
The day before yesterday everything was working perfectly.
Problems started yesterday. Approximately every 30 seconds in any game there are FPS drops. These drops last 1-2 seconds, after which a stable 60FPS is restored.
1. I tried to defragment PS5 and restructure the database.
2. I have updated all console software.
3. I tried to set different modes in the games themselves.
None of this helped.
An important point.
If you output the image from the console directly to the TV - everything works fine.
If you output the image from the console directly to the native software (program) from Avermedia, everything works fine.
FPS drops only apply to OBS Studio (Not in recording mode / Not in streaming mode).
Can someone help in solving this problem?


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OBS has no interaction with the PS5. You should contact Sony's support or a good technician close to you.
What does the interaction between PS5 and OBS have to do with it?
I have detailed that the problem is only present when running in OBS Studio.
Through all other ways everything works fine.
No need to shift the responsibility to Sony.