CS:GO + OBS process = freezes during game


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Hi, since couple days Im struggling with FPS (more specifically with freezes about every 3 sec) problems in CS:GO when OBS process is active. It means whenever I run OBS (even not streaming but it run in background) weird things is happening in CS which you can see in below video. FPS goes down almost to 0. On the video I used border less + full screen just because have some problems to capture full screen 4:3 windows but it happens regardless video settings. So it can drop even from 500+fps down to 0 in ms.
It happens only in CS GO (I verified it in Warzone, Fortnite and few other games).
Of course when I turn of OBS process everything works smooth.
Did anyone faced similar issue? Do not have a clue what can cause this. For sure there is not a problem with some 100% core usage on CPU etc. (i monitored it ).