1. K

    Best OBS Settings for streaming high quality CS GO?

    my internet speed: MY PC: Display: 1920x1080 but I play 1440x1080 CPU: I7 3770 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 8gb DDR3 1600Mhz Please recommend me the best obs settings for twitch and youtube.
  2. M

    CS:GO + OBS process = freezes during game

    Hi, since couple days Im struggling with FPS (more specifically with freezes about every 3 sec) problems in CS:GO when OBS process is active. It means whenever I run OBS (even not streaming but it run in background) weird things is happening in CS which you can see in below video. FPS goes down...
  3. pxlfall

    amount of threads at 1280x1024 120fps?

    hi, im using obs to record last 1.5 min in csgo on faceit servers (faceit anti-cheat doesn't allow nvidia's shadowplay dll to inject due to security or smthng). i like to record at 120fps because i can review them at 0.5x or 0.25x speed. would 3 cores/6 threads be enough for this task? my plan...
  4. L

    csgo low brightness

    my csgo is kinda dark while recording/streaming with obs, i have max brightness ingame but on stream its much darker, same thing while recording with nvidia shadowplay
  5. T

    OBS Studio&Streamlabs OBS disconnecting[CSGO]

    Hey! I've been streaming for awhile now and I have noticed that my OBS disconnects itself, and then it connects automatically back ONLY when I start CS:GO. It is pretty annoying, because then my stream of course cut off and if I play like four games in my stream, then my twitch shows four...
  6. K

    Weird problem while streaming CS:GO

    HELLO EVERYONE, First of all, my RIG is: Ryzen 5 5600X, 16 gigs of RAM 3200MHz XMP on, RTX 2060, MSI EDGE WIFI X570 MPG. I get from 600 to 800 fps in CS:GO, that's all great, but when i use OBS to stream via Display Capture (because i want to be in trusted mode when i stream MM), my stream...
  7. T

    i get lags when streaming

    sometimes my csgo viewmodel is a bit laggy, but not the whole game itself, i don't seem to be lagging myself, just my viewmodel, sometimes my internet slows down and stuff every time i stream idk why, my internet speed is "very fast" it says, 400/8-12 (comcast or xfinity) when i use like 5000...
  8. jotavefps


    AMD Ryzen 7 3700x GTX Geforce 1650 4gb 16RAM 3000mhz (2x8) Someone help me with settings to set up for twitch. I play csgo and pubg on stream
  9. N

    CSGO Streaming/Recording FPS Problem

    Hey, usually when i play CSGO i get around 250/300fps and i have a 144hz monitor and the game just works fine. When i want to stream/record CSGO in Display Capture Mode, the game still shows 250/300 fps but it feels like i have 60fps. When i quit OBS, the game comes back to 250/300fps. Is there...
  10. X

    Low FPS Playing ONLY CS:GO???

    Hi, I can currently stream Rust more than fine on medium settings at around 80 FPS, However When I'm playing CS:GO without streaming I get usually 300 FPS, The moment I boot up my stream it drops to like 130 FPS and my Hz feels like shit, I have a 240Hz Monitor also. Operating System...
  11. M

    Faceit anti-cheat

    OBS shows blackscreen when I am streaming faceit with faceit Anti-Cheat
  12. emptyy

    OBS dont wants to hook process

    when i'm recording with display capture or something obs dont want to hook cs:go process i'm with untrusted mode and allow third party softwares but its not working anyway. can someone help me plz? Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/5WJp206cAvjuJVnu
  13. N

    Fps not rendering in cs:go while streaming and using obs studio !!

    specs: i7 9th gen rtx 2080 16gb ram ddr4 144hz and 60hz monitor \\\\ so second i start streaming fps stops rendering in-game in csgo! i tired switching to streamlabs obs but facing same issue. i get 300+ fps and it feels like i am playing in less than 60 fps! \\\\ i am facing one more issue...
  14. emptyy

    Black screen while recording csgo

    yestarday everything was working i know that i need to add -allow_third_party_software and -untrusted commands but its not working. LOG FILE: https://obsproject.com/logs/rJWyrvilCy-mbmBQ
  15. umi

    Is it possible to always enable Anti-Cheat hook?

    I play CSGO and use OBS to record its replays. However, in order to record CSGO, I need to use Display capture for Matchmaking and Game Capture if Faceit-AC is running, which is cumbersome. I don't want to use `-untrasted` in CSGO's launch option for this reason. Stacking Display Capture and...
  16. B

    CS:GO not capturing in game capture or display capture

    I've tried everything to get csgo to record and none of it is working. I've used window capture, game capture, not using trusted mode etc. but it always ends up showing transparent on my screen. I only have one monitor so that can't be the problem. Whenever I try to do display capture, I load...
  17. NoxiousNM

    Odd behavior streaming csgo

    Weird behavior using OBS or streamlabs to stream csgo CSGO OBS Faceit AC Behavior FullScreen Game Capture OFF CSGO crash FullScreen Display Capture OFF Captured FullScreen Game Capture ON CSGO crash FullScreen Display Capture ON Black Screen| BorderLess Game Capture...
  18. G

    CS:GO 4:3 Black Bar on Right Side of Screen

    My native resolution is 2560x1440 and I play 4:3 1920x1440. On streamlabs OBS, all I have to do is transform csgo to stetch to screen, but on regular OBS, this does not work. It is very annoying have a black bar on the right side of my screen every time. Does anybody know a fix? My output on OBS...
  19. wordlesswind

    About CS:GO Trusted Mode

    After July 23rd, CS:GO updated a feature called "trust mode". In the official document, they stated: So does OBS Project team plan to solve this problem? without "-allow_third_party_software". I am worried that one day Valve will remove "-allow_third_party_software". And I mistakenly...
  20. S

    Display capture delay in-game

    Hello, I was wondering if display capture can cause in-game mouse delay and if yes, how can I remove the delay, my specs are: Windows 10 64-bit Intel Core i5-6500 @ 3.20GHz RAM 2x 8gb DDR4 HyperX MSI H110M PRO-VH Motherboard 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB MSI Graphics Card (My GPU never goes...