Weird problem while streaming CS:GO


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First of all, my RIG is:
Ryzen 5 5600X, 16 gigs of RAM 3200MHz XMP on, RTX 2060, MSI EDGE WIFI X570 MPG.

I get from 600 to 800 fps in CS:GO, that's all great, but when i use OBS to stream via Display Capture (because i want to be in trusted mode when i stream MM), my stream gets laggy, choppy, and game works with no problem.
I then limit my FPS in game to 250 and stream work better.

Before this PC, I had Predator Laptop with Intel 8750h, 16gigs of ram 3200MHz and GTX 1060 6gb.
I had from 120fps to 250fps
while streaming, but stream was never laggy or choppy, and i didn't need to limit my FPS in game.

Everything is UP TO DATE. Everything is NEW and it's working great with other games.

Does OBS has problem with RYZEN CPUs and CSGO?