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    Question / Help Anyway to make the stream smoother 60fps? Looks choppy on Chrome

    Here's the vod: Log: Running at medium preset 8700k. No cpu priorities and mostly 1v1's in csgo so not much cpu usage.
  2. A

    Question / Help Minecraft OBS Studio record laggy

    Hi, so when I record my Minecraft and OBS studio seem fine but when I watch it back the vid looks laggy and choppy. I've tried looking things up but a lot have logs and I don't know how to do that. I what the vid to look nice so then I can post it on YouTube. Can someone please help?
  3. J

    Question / Help Elgato Game Capture 60S Choppy compared to normal Elgato Game Capture

    My streaming system is CPU: AMD A8-6500 with Radeon HD Graphics Ram: 16GB OS: Windows 10 64-bit I've been streaming with the Elgato Game Capture since 2014, and it runs perfect... I keep it at 720p 30fps for best compatability. (60FPS maxes out the processor, while 30 only uses like 40-50%)...
  4. Stream Advisor

    Question / Help I have had this problem over a year now please help me!!

    My problem : When i stream or record a game. The recording or the stream wil look choppy, the frames are weird. Sometimes there is pixelation as wel. CPU : i7-8700k ( Water cooled ) GPU : GTX 2070 RAM : 32 SSD 250 GB HDD 1 TB All of my games and my os system are installed on my SSD. I really...
  5. P

    Question / Help Choppy stream but no FPS drops or high encoding?

    Hello! I recently noticed that my streams look a bit choppy sometimes but I don't know why, I've changed settings to 1080p, NVENC, 6000 bitrate and my PC can handle it just fine, but even on 3000 bitrate, x264 and 720p it did the same thing. I originally noticed it on tomb raider, I assumed it...
  6. I

    Question / Help OBS makes game looking choppy but FPS is fine

    Hey, so recently i have been having this issue with obs (version 23.1.0). Whenever obs is open (doesn't even have to be recording) my game feels incredibly choppy however I still get high fps(I use game capture). I also use Nvenc new encoding. The problem only occurs when obs is open. And the...
  7. S

    Question / Help OBS not showing dropped frames but stream is choppy on twitch and sometimes in-game...

    This is the current state of my OBS streams, (especially when choosing a drop spot and flying to destination at beginning of apex games) I've been lowering my bit rate from 6000 to 2500, i suppose lowering slightly helps, but the choppy display...
  8. P

    Question / Help OBS Skipping Frames

    So I've been using OBS for over a year but about a few months ago my recordings started becoming really laggy. I've been trying to get the right settings for it but I can't figure it out. I used record competitive minecraft videos (cringe, i know) but the recordings are so hard to watch because...
  9. D

    Question / Help Choppy Stream

    Hey everyone When playing Apex Legends, I am not lagging at all in game. I am able to maintain around 100 FPS almost at all times. Although, when watching my stream VOD, I see that my stream is choppy at times. What would be causing a choppy stream? And how would one go about fixing it? Here...
  10. K

    Bug Report Dropping Frames in playback

    Hello, So i've been using obs for a while on a few computers and ever since version 20 i've not been able to use it thinking maybe i needed a new gpu as it was the oldest part, well i upgraded and the problem still persists. SPECS: Intel i7 6850k Asus ROG rampage 5 extreme x99 rtx 2080 16gb...
  11. F

    Question / Help No Dropped Frames, Choppy Stream

    Attached is a recent test stream.... it's pretty unwatchable for online purposes. PC: Intel Quad Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz Processor Ram: 16gb DDR3L GPU: nVidia GTX960M 4GB I'm using Streamlabs OBS. Game settings are good enough I can get 60fps when playing... I've set my stream at well below...
  12. X

    Question / Help Single Core Legacy Game, Stream Lags

    I'm trying to stream an older game (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within) that requires single core processing to reduce bugs (jump and speed glitches) but this causes the video stream to lag. The game plays fine while streaming, no lag outside of normal graphics issues. I have an i7-6700K quad-core...
  13. C

    Question / Help Stream Laggy/Choppy

    Hi, I seem to be having troubles with a laggy and choppy stream. I would think my GPU and CPU could handle it (RTX 2080 and i7 8700k). I also ran the Twitch Bandwidth test and Portland, Oregon seemed to be the best one with the quality at 100 and the ping at 17. I have looked everywhere and...
  14. A

    Question / Help obs seems choppy, help please

    I am using an Elgato Game Cap HD to capture my Xbox one along with a i7-770, 16 gb rams, 2.8 ghz with a turbo up to 3.2 ghz. My internet should be more than capable which is about 106 mbps down and about 11-12 mbps up. I use a separate internet for my games and my computer. Im just looking for...
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    Question / Help OBS Studio Preview & Stream Choppy

    Hi everyone, i have read lot of you have the same problem. I really can't understand why i have choppy preview window on OBS and even on my stream but the games runs smooth. CPU Ryzen 7 2700x, GPU GTX 1070 G1 Gaming, RAM 16GB DDR4 3000MHz. Here's my log. Thanks for the help! My Logs
  16. D

    Question / Help Game recording extremely choppy.

    Hi, I'm kind of new to this forum here, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. When I regularly record my desktop and basic programs with OBS, the output is fine. I've been trying to record GTA:V footage for a few hours now, but no matter what settings I change, the recording always comes out...
  17. Z

    Question / Help How to get obs studio to find my graphis card encoder(and need fix on choppyness)

    so i have an amd graphics card and all my bideos are choppy and laggy im not shure if its the encoder or not. my amd incorder if i have one is not being showed and saying i make youtube videos i kind of need to have this choppyness gone. i am also wondering what settings will mostlikely remove...
  18. O

    Question / Help Streamlabs OBS super choppy

    Hi! I'm kinda new to the whole OBS thing, and I've read through so many guides but my stream still lags and even refreshed and has to reload! Someone please help, like, what settings should I use? Current log:
  19. Wheels.

    Question / Help [FIXED] (see my lower comment) Previously good settings are now choppy for streaming and recording

    As the title states, these settings that I have been using for a while with no issues suddenly produce choppy streaming and recording. I will spare you the details of my hardware, since they will be included in my log, but I will state that the hardware is inside of an Alienware 17 laptop...
  20. D

    Question / Help OBS seems to lock up

    Not sure why but OBS will lag and essentially drop frames even while not recording or streaming. client seems to lock up for a few seconds and it shows that lock up in the few test recordings I've done. I'm trying to prep my setup to start casting again and doing test runs but cant figure out...