Video Stuttering After Recording


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Trying to figure out why I'm getting choppy footage after recording. I've recorded many videos with this same type of footage in the past, but now its impossible for me to record anything with movement and not have it stutter and be unusable.

During the actual recording CPU usage is between 2-3 % and the frame rate never drops below 60 fps, but the footage is still choppy. I'm not seeing the Encoder overloaded message as I was with the previous version of OBS before the UI update. I was having this problem on that version, but was able to work around it. Now I can't get any footage that isn't choppy.

Nothing has changed hardware wise (as I mentioned I've been recording this type of footage for almost 2 years). I've attempted running in administrator and raising the priority. I've tested it with dropping the quality of the footage and still playback is choppy. I've changed from MP4 and tried both MOV and FLV. Choppy. I turned off the Game DVR, so it stops recording in the background. Hoping someone can explain to me what the issue is based on this log. Thanks.


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