If your video are choppy, please read.


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Short post:

if recordings are choppy and stutter all the time, runn OBS as an admin, idk why but it makes a HUGE difference. For the rest of the story keep reading.

I was a long time SLOBS user, because when I started, it was just a little prettier to use and the configuration was a little more simple, but one thing drove me up the wall. Lack of true CQP bitrate control. Let me Explain:

I rarely stream. I rarely record videos, however, I use the replay buffer ALL the time. For the longest time I was using the following SLOBS settings:

NVENC h.264
1080p 60fps
CBR 50000 kbps
Replay buffer 300s (5 mins)

(The rest of the settings I am leaving out, but for the most part these are the important ones)

The thing about using CBR as most people know, is that it is not the most optimal for file sizes. So here I would be playing a simple steam game, that honestly isn't too complex, and its taking up the same space as a clip of me playing a AAA game.

Naturally CQP caught my attention. CQP, to my knowledge, takes a parameter (number 0-50ish) and makes sure that for every frame that quality is met. SO essentially each frame can have more or less bits depending on how complex it is. This seemed amazing to me. However, as someone who uses just the replay buffer, SLOBS practically slapped me across the head and said "NO". This is because they only allow for replay buffer TIME, not replay buffer SIZE. SLOBS and OBS need to know how much memory to reserve when recording a replay. But because CQP doesn't have a set bitrate, an estimation cant be made, a manual replay buffer size is needed. SLOBS doesn't have it so if you do a replay with CQP, the length may be 20 seconds, maybe 1.5 mins, who knows.
But OBS Studio allows you to set a replay buffer length, say 2gB. And here is where stuff gets interesting.

While SLOBS was still on my system, I installed OBS Studio and manually set it up so that every setting should be the exact replica of SLOBS.

However, when I went to play a game for the first time, it ABSOLUTLY KILLED MY GPU. Not literally, but OBS was using like 30% of my gpu (Monitored via process explorer and task manager). So naturally upon realizing this, I went back to SLOBS to make sure this was not the case, and slobs only used like 5%.

I didn't truly figure out why this happened, but I think it was because I was rescaling my output of my recordings to the same output as OBS was rendering. Basically my canvas is 1440p, but I scaled it to 1080p, and then under the recording tab I had it rescaling again to 1080p.

Anyways, I fully deleted both apps from my system under the suspicion that maybe SLOBS was interfering and did a reinstall of OBS. This time, it wasnt using more than 6% max of my GPU (not including encoding). However, my videos were absolutely trash.

So began another 5 hours of troubleshooting. Long story short. RUN OBS AS AN ADMINISTRATOR. I spent HOURS testing various settings and making sure things were setup the correct way on OBS, and realized that I had always set SLOBS to be ran as admin. Upon realizing this, I have since Made the change and my videos look good again.

After researching, it seems like for most people, running as admin isn't needed, but in my situation it turned out to be the biggest factor.