Is it possible to stream at Constant Framerate?

El Matador

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i am streaming to twitch and i want to edit some highlights of my twitch VOD's to youtube. But for some reason, all of my VOD's don't have constant framerate
(MediaInfo on my mac says it variables from 58 to 62). What can i do for my twitch VOD's to remain on CFR? VFR videos are big pain for post-editing (don't want to run it trough compressor and loose quality). Is there any fix for it on single pc streaming setup? I mainly stream CS:GO and i want my frames to be constant all the time. Hope it's possible.

I posted log of my last stream. Thank you for response in advance, have a nice day!


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El Matador

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From what i read so far, i guess that my only option is to record while streaming and then work with the local record file (which hopefully should be at cfr). But still, curious why local recording can be kept at cfr while streamed file cannot.