1. S

    Question about Elgato 4k60 Pro Mk 2

    My issue is that if i don't set a framerate cap in a game the stream lags heavy although to me the games runs great. I have dealt with this so far by just playing games at 60fps since stream cant see higher than that anyway. But I have a 3080 ti and I really would like to play with the...
  2. ShadeyGuy

    Need help with framerate drops while using OBS. I've noticed that while streaming at 60 fps, the framerate will dip occasionally towards maybe 20-30 fps and then return back to 60 fps in a bit of time. I use a pretty basic laptop with a capture card to capture my console gameplay, and while I...
  3. El Matador

    Is it possible to stream at Constant Framerate?

    Hello, i am streaming to twitch and i want to edit some highlights of my twitch VOD's to youtube. But for some reason, all of my VOD's don't have constant framerate (MediaInfo on my mac says it variables from 58 to 62). What can i do for my twitch VOD's to remain on CFR? VFR videos are big...
  4. Synergist

    Yadif x2 frame double deinterlace stops after a while?

    I have a setup where I'm capturing an interlaced source inside OBS from a capture card, applying a filter to do double Yadif deinterlacing (producing 50 progressive frames from the 25i source) then sending over NDI within OBS, as well as producing an audio only NDI source with the audio effect...
  5. P

    Record at a single frame offset?

    I typically record at 120fps and frame blend to 60. I wanted to record at 180 but between bitrate and my pc not being able to record that, I was wondering if it was possible to run the game (beat saber) at 180fps, and record each replay at a 1 or 2 frame offset to stitch together a high quality...
  6. S

    Some help adjusting settings for 4K recording?

    I have a 4K monitor and a Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card, and I don't actually even want to record. I just want to enable my replay buffer for 2 minutes in case anything cool happens. The problem is that when I enable it (or even have OBS open), I get a crazy framerate drop. I thought sure, I...
  7. T

    Different framerate for recording and streaming at the same time

    I don't know why this isn't a feature yet, as it's been suggested for over 4 years now... but we should really have the option to record and stream at different framerates simultaneously. For example, Minecraft stream: recording at 120 or 240fps for good footage, while streaming at the regular...
  8. C

    Unable to save recordings (or even create them) using H265/HEVC encoder (AMD)

    Hi guys, so about 2 days ago, OBS decided to stop working for me. Specifically with use of any of the AMD-provided (?) encoders (H265/HEVC and H254/AVC), regardless of my recording settings it would seem, unless I just haven't found the magic combo :P TL;DR I have an AMD GPU & CPU, ONLY the...
  9. B

    My video recording is choppy

    I just downloaded obs on my laptop. (windows 10) When record my game, it was not laggy when I was playing but the recording is really choppy. can anyone help, please and thankyou!
  10. M

    OBS Studio canvas drops down to 30fps every 10 seconds or so.

    Hello! EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize the posts need to go through approval on these forums, so I made a similar thread twice because I thought the first one failed to go through. Please delete the earlier one, thanks. Apologies, I'm new here. I tried to read through all the faqs, but couldn't...
  11. M

    Hello, getting some weird stuttering/framerate issues with OBS Studio even while NOT streaming or recording.

    Hello, I hope everyone's having a good day! I've been streaming on Twitch for a while and I've always noticed some minor framerate stuttering on my VODS. Untill now I always assumed it was on Twitch's end or something but recently I noticed that it's actually happening on OBS Studio itself...
  12. Nwoob

    Frozen frames,but clear audio, while recording valorant in 1080p60

    The recording works fine for the first few minutes, but all the frames are frozen and not moving after the 4 minute mark, and I can only hear the audio, log file is attached, I really don't know what went wrong, I think my configuration is very much capable on recording this, thanks in advance.
  13. tja

    Framerate (1080p30 vs 1080i50)

    hey, we've got a Blackmagic Decklink mini recorder for the camera input. Should I either set it to 1080p30 or 1080i50 ? Which one is better, and how does deinterlacing in OBS work? Best Regards
  14. Tayzlor

    Grinding OBS on MacBook Big Sur

    Hi everyone, i am a broken man. i valiantly attempted to set up an obs system this week but it grinds to being unusable frame rates either recording or streaming on what I thought was a pretty good recent MacBook with 2016 MacBook Pro: 2.9 quad core i7 16 GB 2133 ddr3 ram Radeon pro 460 4 GB...
  15. P

    OBS Framerate Inconsistency

    Ok so basically I've been using OBS for streaming consistently for about 2 weeks now and I have noticed inconsistencies throughout I'm mainly gonna be asking help with framerate and lag. Yesterday I wanted to do a Halloween stream and play some RE3 remake since I hadn't played it before. I...
  16. 4

    OBS 26 Recording in VFR now? How do I change back into CFR?

    I recently updated my OBS to version 26 from 25 and I noticed that my videos now are in variable framerate instead of constant. How do I revert this to CFR? I mainly use OBS for recording videos and premiere pro doesn't play nice with VFR files.
  17. ts0

    Question / Help Skipped frames down to 0.25 FPS, **NOT** streaming

    No, I am not streaming. I am recording a regular video. Why is my video framerate about 0.25 FPS when that is not even a framerate option? In the log (i could not find it), more than 3/4 of my video's frames were skipped. P.S. I use Streamlabs, but I did not find their forum; however, I know...
  18. K

    Question / Help OBS stutters/drops frames exactly every 10 seconds for 10 seconds. Even when not recording. Stats show no frames dropped.

    So it's pretty much EDIT to my previous post. Figured out most of the stuff (faulty video) and now I'm down to one issue. Exactly every 10 seconds obs preview/stream stutters/drops frames for exactly 10 seconds and it loops like that. - reinstall the app - update all drivers - change tons of...
  19. K

    Question / Help Massive fps drops on desktop as soon as OBS is launched. No other apps running, no games.

    Hello, I've spent the last 3 days trying to figure this out. I've tried literally every tip and solution posted on the internet and nothing helps. So this is what happens: I use Xbox windows app to stream my game from Xbox one X to PC on Display 1. Works perfectly smooth. No hickups or anything...
  20. D

    Question / Help Framerate jumping and dipping

    Hi, I have a problem where my bit rate refuses to stay steady. I set it for 4000, but it will go down (sometimes to 0, but usually to around 2000) and then jump up to over 10,000. My dropped frame rate is usually around 30-40%. I've tried this on two different internet connections in two...