OBS Studio canvas drops down to 30fps every 10 seconds or so.


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EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize the posts need to go through approval on these forums, so I made a similar thread twice because I thought the first one failed to go through. Please delete the earlier one, thanks. Apologies, I'm new here.

I tried to read through all the faqs, but couldn't find anything related to my issue.

I've been suffering from this issue for a long time now. I noticed that my framerates drop down to 30ish fps on OBS Studio every once in a while. This happens regardless if I have a game running or if I'm recording or streaming or not. Yes, it happens even when I'm not recording OR streaming. I'm just playing something on the main monitor while keeping my eyes on the OBS Studio canvas on the second monitor, I can clearly see that the framerate drops down to 30s sometimes. It lasts for a second or two, and then returns to normal.

My Gpu/cpu loads never reach max load, so it's not that (I mean how could they since I've tested this without a game running) However, looking at AfterBurner, I can see the gpu usage tank whenever the framerate drop happens. This happens ONLY WITH OBS STUDIO RUNNING. Playing a game without it running will result in the GPU loads being static, with no dips. Not to mention that the games I play run beautifully at a smooth 60 fps or 120fps, it's just the OBS canvas that stutters. It's almost like the program isn't utilizing the GPU properly.

Sadly these stutters also happen while I stream, which also causes the stream fps to tank at random intervals.

Here's my specs:
16Gb DDR4 Ram.

Using NVENC new.

I included the latest OBS Studio log. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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