1. J

    Camera freezes/hangs when switching scenes

    Hi, Streaming live with 3 RTSP IP cameras. Using the Gstreamer plugin which is amazing for the delay, it is working great. Internet upload speed is very high: 35mbs. No dropped frames, bitrate: 2500kbs Stream Video encoder: GStreamer Encoder H264 Encoder settings: NVIDIA NVENC CBR 2500 GOP 2...
  2. V

    Gaming pc lags when using obs dual pc stream

    This is an issue I've had for weeks and I can't find a solution anywhere. I use a dual pc stream with the OBS Fullscreen Projector trick and when I play valorant it feels laggy and almost like the game isnt smooth even though I have a decent framerate (over 240) I use an Elgato HD60 S with a ROG...
  3. L

    2023 obs laggind preview Can someone help me? after a few minutes of recording, in the game (any rgame) it is normal but in the preview of the obs it starts to lagging and this comes out in the recording, with streamlabs it also happens [ffmpeg muxer: 'simple_file_output']...
  4. L

    obs lagging after a few minutes the obs screen starts lagging, I can't solve it, with the action it doesn't happen, only with obs and stramlabs obs, someone who can help me, follow a log
  5. L

    OBS lagging after a few minutes the obs screen starts lagging, I can't solve it, with the action it doesn't happen, only with obs and stramlabs obs, someone who can help me, follow a log OBS 28.1.2 (64-bit, windows)...
  6. A

    Stream lags but recording not

    Hi, I have a pretty good pc actually and it should be capable of streaming. When i stream, i only stream and im not recording simultaneously. Now the weird part is, that the recording is smooth af but the stream lags. I got the same settings on the recording and streaming tab (check picture). My...
  7. L

    Lagging and pixelated while streaming, but perfect in game

    Hey, good morning! I'm trying to find the best config in my OBS for streaming Fortnite (the only game that lags and the one I want to resolve). My objective: Streaming in 1080p - 60fps perfectly like streamers Here's my setup: Aorus X570 Pro Ryzen 5 5600x GTX 1660 Ti 6GB 16 GB SSD...
  8. Turbolego

    Virtual Camera becomes laggy over time gradually

    Specs: Windows 10 Pro, v.21H1, build 19043.1466 OBS Studio 27.1.3 (64 bit) Logitech c920 webcam Setup: 1 Scene 3 Sources: Logitech C920 - Custom resolution: 1920x1080 and Filter: Chroma Key (green) Video file (local file, .mp4 format) - with loop and Filter: Chroma Key (green) Image file...
  9. sonicgalaxy27

    Video file lagging issues

    Well, I may have solve the out of sync problem in OBS software 2 months ago, but now, I'm having some serious trouble with the lags now in my video file. Every time I record my new game Pokémon Legends and save my recording, the video file that I save just started lagging for no reason. Yes this...
  10. A

    Recording videos are lagged

    Hi! First of all, I'm sorry if this issue has been resolved before. I took a look at several threads but unfortunately none of them solved my problem. As the title says, recordings have constant lag (the video seems to have 10-15 FPS, however while I'm recording I can get 80-100 FPS). Following...
  11. sonicgalaxy27

    Game audio issues and lag help

    Hey everyone. I'm currently stuck on the problem for 3 hours now. Everytime I record my video in OBS with my capture card, there is no game audio sound in my video file that I save. This is so freaking frustrating because of it and I really had enough with this issue. Is there a way to solve...
  12. neet2137

    OBS windows is so laggy

    I dont mean the recording or streamin, just the window with all the stuff, its lagging so much that its barely usable
  13. M

    Game lagging on OBS

    Hello, I have a problem with OBS, I'm capturing the game "Apex legend" and at the same time I'm capturing "VMagicMirror" to get a VTuber inside. When my game is in fullscreen, on the lobby I see the game and the VTuber lagging, but when I do an alt-tab, so whern my game is not open on the...
  14. T

    Media Share stutter on Mac OSX - OBS 27.0.1

    Just updated to the newest version of obs with browser docks and everything. Browser sources is very laggy even with hardware acceleration on (or off for that matter) Streamlabs media share is not working in this update. Videos that play in that browser source is fine for a couple of hours...
  15. X

    I have a good pc and internet but mi streams is lagging

    Hi! as it says in the title, i have a good pc and internet but mi streams is lagging. I don't know why that happens because around 2 weeks mi streaming was very good, but one day to another it started to go wrong. this is the log file: I have not...
  16. M

    OBS Studio canvas drops down to 30fps every 10 seconds or so.

    Hello! EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize the posts need to go through approval on these forums, so I made a similar thread twice because I thought the first one failed to go through. Please delete the earlier one, thanks. Apologies, I'm new here. I tried to read through all the faqs, but couldn't...
  17. M

    Minecraft lag

    Hello, I want to become a youtuber, and my dream is 1M subscribers. I started Minecraft, and launched obs. I didn't change any settings. I just plain hit record, and it was smooth gameplay, but when I watched the video, it LAGGED like crazy. My laptop is : intel core i7, 2.60ghz, and 20gb RAM...
  18. H

    mac slows down with obs, the streaming screen lags on twitch reallll bad

    so whenever i have obs open, whether im streaming or not, it lags down my laptop way too much, that its nearly hard to function. another problem is that i usually connect my phone to my laptop, then show that screen on quicktime, which i connect to obs, which will be streamed to twitch. this...
  19. B

    OBS lagging, ned help

    I have put my fps tp 60 but it is still laggy or choppy, my computer should be able to handle it but something is wrong maybe I have some settings wierd or something but I dont know which. When I tried streaming it worked fine without any lag but my recordings have always been laggy. I am not...
  20. R

    [FIX] How to solve issue with lagging or stuttering on stream or recorded video in Warzone - OBS

    Hello, I want to share you with my solution which I found yesterday. I struggled with it for 3 days. That solution is very simple -,- Solution in the form of movie