Virtual Camera becomes laggy over time gradually


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Windows 10 Pro, v.21H1, build 19043.1466
OBS Studio 27.1.3 (64 bit)
Logitech c920 webcam

1 Scene
3 Sources:
  • Logitech C920 - Custom resolution: 1920x1080 and Filter: Chroma Key (green)
  • Video file (local file, .mp4 format) - with loop and Filter: Chroma Key (green)
  • Image file (local file, .jpg format)
Video Bitrate: 1000 Kbps
Encoder: Hardware (NVENC)
Base res: 1920x1080
Output res: 1920x1080
Downscale Filter: Bilinear
FPS: 30
Renderer: Direct3D 11
Colour format: NV12
Colour space: 709
Colour range: Partial

I'm using virtual camera as my camera in Microsoft Teams, with 2 sources for a green screen.
The setup and settings seems to me to be pretty vanilla.
I'm only using "Virtual Camera", i don't record or stream.
CPU is around 10-12% and FPS is at 30 at all times.

Gradually, if I leave OBS Virtual Camera on, the video feed becomes gradually more and more laggy.
Is there any steps I can take to debug why this happens?
Log analysis:
Critical: No critical issues
Warning: No warnings
Info: Windows 10 21H1 (OK)


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little tip i had the same problem used NDI Virtual CAM from NDI tools and the NDI plugin in obs ! ndi dedicated output filter on the scene that you use and GO !


This solved the issue for me:
Download and install:

Run NDI webcam input and select "NDI output settings" in "Tools" in OBS.
Check both "Main Output" and "Preview ouput".
In Microsoft Teams, select "NewTek NDI video" as your webcam.
Oh, and OBS is not running "Virtual Camera" while all this is going on btw.
OBS is just idle with the filters osv.