Recording videos are lagged


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Hi! First of all, I'm sorry if this issue has been resolved before. I took a look at several threads but unfortunately none of them solved my problem.

As the title says, recordings have constant lag (the video seems to have 10-15 FPS, however while I'm recording I can get 80-100 FPS). Following the wiki help, I've already tried the following:
- lower output resolution (from 1280x720 to 640x360), no success;
- decrease the frame rate (from 60 to 30, then from 30 to 15); no success;
- change encoding presets, no success;
> I'm currently using QuickSync as encoding, I've also tried:​
>> using CPU (x264) as encoder;​
>> lowering the bitrate (from 20000 Kbps to 4500 Kbps);​
>> lowering CPU usage presets (using veryfast);​
>> and using different video formats (I knew changing this wouldn't fix it, but it wouldn't hurt to try) but nothing of that solved.​
- clean up all the sources, leaving only the essentials (game capture, game audio and my microphone), nothing has changed;
- I also checked the drivers for both my processor and my video card, both are in their most up-to-date version, I also checked for Windows updates, and mine is also up to date (NVIDIA Driver version - 391.35);
- I also looked at other settings proposed by other threads, such as enabling game mode, disabling other Windows settings that destroy consume your CPU (such as DVR Background Recording, Xbox Game Bar, etc). All of them are properly configured (as shown in the log file at the end of this thread).

YouTube's "magical" solutions didn't help either, so I wonder what I should do to get my footage to stop lagging.
And as promised, here are the logs of my last recording:
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