game capture lagging

  1. A

    Recording videos are lagged

    Hi! First of all, I'm sorry if this issue has been resolved before. I took a look at several threads but unfortunately none of them solved my problem. As the title says, recordings have constant lag (the video seems to have 10-15 FPS, however while I'm recording I can get 80-100 FPS). Following...
  2. alibaba69

    HEAVY WEBCAM LAG/stutter on tanked up workstation, using game capture, struggling :(

    dear Forum, _______ WEBCAM: Logitech Streamcam CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x (16 cores, 3.39 GHz) GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 RAM: Trident 128GB OS: WINDOWS 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC all graphics drivers are up to date. LOG FILE: EXAMPLE 30 SECOND...
  3. N

    Unable to record a game in Full Screen

    Hi! So I am having a problem recording in Full screen some gameplay of a game (in this case, Minecraft). The Obs settings, Minecraft settings and Monitor are all set at 1080p, so I Don't understand why that, when I'm recording Minecraft with the Game capture tool, i's recording in a way that the...
  4. L

    Game Capture makes my game laggy but Screen Capture doesn´t

    Hi, I´m kinda new to streaming since I really started only a month ago but I mainly stream League of Legends and had some problems with it. When I start im in the Launcher("LoL Launcher") and everything is fine but when I am Ingame and switch my scene to the ingame scene("Stream") it starts...