Game Capture makes my game laggy but Screen Capture doesn´t


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I´m kinda new to streaming since I really started only a month ago but I mainly stream League of Legends and had some problems with it. When I start im in the Launcher("LoL Launcher") and everything is fine but when I am Ingame and switch my scene to the ingame scene("Stream") it starts lagging. In the log you see that I first had the Game Capture Activated by my macros but when active my Ingame FPS drop to about 30 to 50 which for me is partly unplayable. Then I deactivated the Game Capture and activated the Screen Capture and my FPS went back up to the buttery smooth 144fps where they should be. Im confused because I would want to use Game Capture which obviously should be better for capturing Games(?!) and I prefer not to have the audience see everything on my desktop when I tab out... :)
Though it seems to be not a big deal for the viewers it REALLY bothers me.
I took a look at the log and it seems to repeatedly say: "[game-capture: 'Game'] d3d9_shmem_capture: GetRenderTargetData failed (0x88760868)"
Don´t know what that means or if thats the issue, please send help.

Thank you for taking your time to help me.


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