screen capture

  1. D

    New macOS screen capture 28.0.1

    Using the new macOS screen capture instead of Sources -> Depreciated -> Window capture Select desired window to capture, add source, content is displayed. No problems. However, next time I load OBS, after opening the same content as before, screen capture has reset the window capture source to...
  2. M

    Black Screen for 7 Days to Die/Darkness Falls

    I am trying to use OBS to capture my 7D2D/DF builds for posterity, but all I get is black screen using Game Capture. If I try to use Screen Capture, my OBS shows up in my display window, but the recording is all black. I can use Game Capture and record just fine for Guild Wars 2. I have played...
  3. O

    Can't screen record on MacOS

    I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 on a macbook air (not sure what year it is) I have uninstalled and reinstalled OBS twice, and it still doesn't appear in the Screen Recording options in system preferences. I can only display capture the OBS window. Can someone please help me with this? (and...
  4. AlanGeisse

    Asus Intel DG1 OEM card - Doing weird things with 1440p res?

    Hi, I am trying to make a screen recording, my screen has a 2560x1440 resolution, I did not change the scale anywhere, and if I select change scale and for example put the same resolution (2560x1440), the video is cut off on the right and bottom side. If I change the output resolution to...
  5. P

    Record obs with obs

    Hello there, I have been using obs to record my screen for screencasting and tutorials. Now I want to record OBS itself. How do I go about doing this? Is there a second instance I need to open or do I need to install a portable version? Kindly do guide me with this. Thanks
  6. Zayaan

    Cannot hear my computer audio in my Head Set while OBS open

    I recently installed OBS Studio but I have a problem, I cannot hear any audio from my computer while OBS is open. I can hear when no other studio output device is connected via Bluetooth or wire, but when I connect my Pebble Zet Pro Wireless Bluetooth Head Set, I cannot hear any audio. And also...
  7. P

    Audio interruption when recording screen

    Hello! Please help with the problem. When adding source "window rec" or "game rec" everything works fine. But as soon as I add a screen recording source, the audio on the broadcast starts to break. Everything works fine on the record. This issue occurs both when using standard Windows speakers...
  8. T

    Different scenes, different screens?

    Is this possible? It doesn't seem to be for me. I want to have a screen dedicated to capturing screen 1, a different scene to switch to for capturing screen 2, and a third scene for third screen. Switching screen captures seems to changes all scenes simultaneously.
  9. WattsBros

    Stutter in my game (from screen capture and ndi source)

    I have major trouble with stuttering when there is an important amount of animations happening in the game, both with the the streaming pc and the gaming pc (I stream this game with my brother and I switch screens to show both perspectives) When I stream just chatting with my webcam or watching...
  10. L

    Arch Linux user. with i3wm. without desktop environment. installed via pacman. want display capturer or window capturer.

    log: I installed this package: (27.0.0-1 now, due to having upgraded today) Noticed "Sources" lacks "Display Capture", "Game Capture", "Window Capture", and some more. Just need one of those...
  11. I

    Capturing 2nd monitor

    Hello, I have a problem where OBS isn't recognizing my 2nd monitor. I have tried to find an answer on how to make it visible, but the closest I got to an answer is that both monitors need to be connected to the same GPU, but mine are not. My main monitor is connected to the GPU, but 2nd monitor...
  12. B

    Possible to improve quality when scaling to 1080P from Ultrawide screen capture?

    Good afternoon all! I am writing to see if anyone has a solution to capture higher quality screen recordings when scaling down from an ultrawide monitor to fit a 1080p canvas. I'm on Win 10 x64, with nVidia GeForce 1050TI. I currently have an ultrawide screen 21:9 (2560 x 1080) which I scale...
  13. Vipes

    Bug report w/ obs 26.1.1 and Windows

    Hi, not too sure where to post bug reports but I figure the forum is the spot for it. I have a little issue with OBS's capture on a 4k screen using (windows) HDR. The capture is not updating properly until I release any kind of input I am doing, such as mouse click, drag operations, etc. For...
  14. RealNeighbour

    Window recording freezes when switching to another application.

    I'm using OBS to record Google Meet meetings in Chrome. The recording goes fine if I'm on the recorded window but freezes on the last frame(in the output file as well as on the OBS preview window) which appeared just before my switching to another application, the recording resumes just fine if...
  15. S

    My screen source shuttering every 12 minutes

    CPU : i9 10900 (10C/20T) GPU : Nvidia 3090 (so it's on a PCIe gen3) Hello everyone and thank you for participating and helping people! My issue is not related to the encoding, recording or streaming by itself. That's why I don't include log files. It is my source (desktop) who is slowing down...
  16. L

    Game Capture makes my game laggy but Screen Capture doesn´t

    Hi, I´m kinda new to streaming since I really started only a month ago but I mainly stream League of Legends and had some problems with it. When I start im in the Launcher("LoL Launcher") and everything is fine but when I am Ingame and switch my scene to the ingame scene("Stream") it starts...
  17. K

    Ubuntu 20.04 Black screen issue not even cursor for window capture

    Hi all, Ubuntu: 20.04 OBS-studio: 26.0.2 I am having an issue with getting anything to show up when I add a source, the window capture source will only shows an output with applications I have installed like discord, chromium. windows capture doesn't seem to be working with Ubuntu native...
  18. atcold

    Monitor webcam output while capturing screen *underneath*

    I haven't got meaningful results from Googling this, so here I ask for some pointers. Objective Capture screen and webcam in separate streams while monitoring the webcam output on the same screen. Rationale I want to record the screen while live coding / creating tutorials. Sometime I will...
  19. trimmy100

    screen capture problem

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my OBS I can no longer record with my screen Capture and Game Capture does not work. it remains on black screen and that has been the case for long time. Do you know how I can solve this problem. Thanks in advance from trimmy.
  20. I

    Windows Black Screen "BUG"

    Hi, there would be a problem that when I want to start a game recording I only have a black screen! Can you help me with that? I started watching videos on YouTube but it didn’t help.