HEAVY WEBCAM LAG/stutter on tanked up workstation, using game capture, struggling :(


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dear Forum,

WEBCAM: Logitech Streamcam
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x (16 cores, 3.39 GHz)
GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090
RAM: Trident 128GB
OS: WINDOWS 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC

all graphics drivers are up to date.

LOG FILE: https://obsproject.com/logs/_hHqnc5jfl1c3MG7
EXAMPLE 30 SECOND RECORDING: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2nm80zy2601r4yf/2021-03-02%2005-07-40.mp4
GPU-Z Sensor Log is attached

on some occasions, when i stream or record games, my webcam freezes and stutters non-stop, every few seconds, even in preview when idle.

the Logitech software has a face-tracker, and i have found the easiest way to record the webcam and retain this feature is to capture with GAME CAPTURE and have Logitech Capture running in the background.

if i use VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE the cam will not track my face.

in the example recording, for a couple seconds you can see i'm playing Call of Duty Cold War in the background as an example, and ordinarily when i play, it streams smoothly and with no frame drops. the webcam issue is less noticeable when displaying smaller on the canvas, especially since audio is good. however when i switch back to focus on me, the stutter becomes completely obvious and irritating.

i am running both the obs64 and LogiCapture .exes as administrator, and have experimented with that. i have also experimented with priorities in Task Manager, and have both currently set to above normal, along with the game. windows game mode is off, the version of windows i run has very little bloatware, and currently has 750GB of free space. i've even tried turning off minimize/maximise animations in advanced system settings.

i've noted a couple things:

• when the Logitech Capture window (from which the video portion is being captured automatically as 'game') IS IN THE FOREGROUND alongside OBS Studio, the capturing becomes immediately smooth. this seems expected for a GAME CAPTURE, as i suppose OBS wants to prioritise the game running in the foreground. this i believe explains why Cold War captures just fine.
• GPU load is 99%. framerate is capped in-game, and V-Sync off as standard.
• when OBS and Logitech Capture are both open, with OBS in the foreground, both renditions of the video are laggy / jittery / stutter, but the two versions are completely in sync.
• when i close OBS, Logitech Capture on its own does immediately display the video completely smoothly.
• the issue remains regardless of the game.
• the webcam's auto functions (exposure, focus etc.) are off, i've set everything manually in Logitech Capture and nothing changes. scene is well-lit.
• running the resolution at 1080p60/30, 720p60/30, even 360p60/30... again no change: decreasing resolution doesn't appear to improve or dispel the issue.
• limit capture framerate is on for both game captures.
• ordinarily i stream at 1080p60 with no dropped frames. i stream with NVENC chip (new) at 6000Kbps. internet speed (wired) sees consistent 20Mbps upload (220Mbps download).

if the bottleneck is on OBS's handling of multiple game captures, how can i re-allocate VRAM usage to keep the webcam "game capture" prioritised alongside the game "game capture" being captured, or at least somehow manage GPU priority? is the issue Logitech driver's being optimised badly for this usage? is running two game captures in the first place the issue? how can i give OBS more headroom? my hardware theoretically should have zero issue making this work.

i'm really sorry in advance if my understanding of the way this all works falls shy of professional; i am sure there is something i have failed to do. on my own i've done as much troubleshooting and tried to figure this out alone as best i could, but fallen short. tried to provide as much info and concisely as possible, and very happy to provide more if needed. any help or ideas will be enormously appreciated and i thank you for taking any time to read this!



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