obs preview lag

  1. G

    OBS preview lag + mimic in recordings

    I am trying to record ps5 with Elgato HD60 S OBS Preview lags every 3-4 seconds and recordings mimic this behavior. Example: https://youtu.be/xXLULR8Lk0A I did a 1hr recording and here are the logs: https://obsproject.com/logs/UbQJSqx0lORdwV07
  2. X

    Dropping frames, every time preview is disabled

    I've didn't found any thread of this Problem but every time I disable my preview in OBS, my stream is dropping frames and lags very much
  3. A

    OBS Lag When My Laptop Plugged-In

    So when im not plug in my laptop, my obs run smoothly, no lag. but when i play game (i need to plug in my laptop to acivate my GPU) my obs run like this, and the record result will lag. Here is my problem Here is my recording result
  4. alibaba69

    HEAVY WEBCAM LAG/stutter on tanked up workstation, using game capture, struggling :(

    dear Forum, _______ WEBCAM: Logitech Streamcam CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x (16 cores, 3.39 GHz) GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 RAM: Trident 128GB OS: WINDOWS 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC all graphics drivers are up to date. LOG FILE: https://obsproject.com/logs/_hHqnc5jfl1c3MG7 EXAMPLE 30 SECOND...
  5. T

    Recording on OBS between 30 fps and 60fps even with OBS saying its on 60fps?

    Hello, i'm with a really strange OBS problem, for some reason my OBS recordings are variating between 30fps and 60fps, on OBS says my recording are at 60 Fps but the preview are around 30fps, and most weird thing, is that this don't happens using nvidia shadowplay, for a reference look at this...
  6. V

    Question / Help OBS preview lags when media source is rtsp IP camera stream

    Hello, Stream delay in OBS preview window is around 1.2 - 1.5 seconds. In reolink (that ip camera brand) client it is around 0.6-0.8 seconds. In ONVIF device manager ver 2..2.250 there is almost no delay like quarter of second or less. My target goal Is delay no more then half of second in...
  7. Gregory Hartley

    Question / Help Preview Window NOT Running Smoothly

    So, to start. This isn't a problem per se but more of an annoyance as it doesn't affect the stream or game. I stream From My PlayStation Via The HD60 Pro At 900p and 59.97 FPS. The game runs perfect and the stream always runs smooth. However, The preview window doesn't always run smooth...
  8. Scruby

    Question / Help Having obs on my Screen makes my game lag.

    Hey, I have been wanting to get into streaming. but when I have my obs open it just locked my game to a low FPS. the game is still 150fps but it only displays a low amount of frames. even when I don't record. And I have Tried to close the preview but that didn't help. Turning down the bitrate...
  9. O

    Question / Help OBS Studio Preview & Stream Choppy

    Hi everyone, i have read lot of you have the same problem. I really can't understand why i have choppy preview window on OBS and even on my stream but the games runs smooth. CPU Ryzen 7 2700x, GPU GTX 1070 G1 Gaming, RAM 16GB DDR4 3000MHz. Here's my log. Thanks for the help! My Logs
  10. D

    Question / Help OBS studio preview and stream/record laggy

    Since i use obs i have problems with the preview and stream or record that it was laggy. I don't know what's happening but i need fix it. The problem came especially with fast movements on the game. This maybe affect on the encoder i don't know. I use x264 (veryfast, 720p60, 6000 bit-rate)...