Question / Help Massive fps drops on desktop as soon as OBS is launched. No other apps running, no games.


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I've spent the last 3 days trying to figure this out. I've tried literally every tip and solution posted on the internet and nothing helps. So this is what happens:
I use Xbox windows app to stream my game from Xbox one X to PC on Display 1. Works perfectly smooth. No hickups or anything. Then I launch OBS on second display to record display 1 with my Xbox game. At this moment all hell breaks loose. As soon as OBS launches my stream from XBOX APP loses frames every 1-2 second. Constant stutter. Even the sound stutters at times. I thought that maybe there is some issue when having Xbox app on and obs, but this doesn't seem to be the case as launching a youtube video rendered the same results.
My PC was bought a year ago for crazy amount of money (most expensive parts available at the moment) so I don't think it's the case of PC performance. With a lot of overlays, max quality and other effects CPU usage is max 60% and GPU 15%. I've also tried a clean OBS with no scenes, just display 1 capture, and default settings and the issue remains.
I'm out of ideas. Please help :(


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