1. miramanee

    How to deactivate the dark mode that is harmful to the eyes?

    Hello Community! While searching for the right software, I quickly came across OBS and downloaded and installed it. While the installation was still in light system colors, I noticed after starting the program that the eye-damaging dark mode was set as the default. Unfortunately, I tried in...
  2. 2

    Aufnahmezeit in Taskleiste / recording time in taskbar

    Früher konnte ich bei einer Aufnahme sehen, wie lange ich schon in der Taskleiste aufgenommen habe. Das ist seit Jahren nicht mehr möglich. Sobald die Uhrzeit in OBS in der Taskleiste erscheint, wird sie unscharf. Das hat wohl etwas mit einem Update von OBS oder Windows zu tun. OBS oder Windows?
  3. LousyBook01

    Recording is laggy on every recording software

    i tried every recording software i could find but every videos output is laggy i remember using windows 7 and recordings aren't even laggy like 60 fps without even a gpu i am on windows 11 currently i have a gpu now plz help me if anyone knows the solution to this, I've search everywhere
  4. J

    Trying to upgrade camera quality

    Hi all! I run a podcast studio and it took us about a year to figure out the flow (with some OBS help) so that it's pretty much fully automated and works every single time without fail. We have 3 cameras and 4 mics and everything is flawless. The one issue is that we're shooting in 4K, which...
  5. V

    I can't grant OBS access to web camera.

    When i try to add web camera to OBS i don't see it in the available devices list: I think the reason is i didn't grant OBS access to the web camera. But i cannot do this. I mean there is not OBS in the list of apps which requires a camera: I tried to reinstall OBS but the issue still remains...
  6. B

    Black screen on Firefox but not Chrome

    I make movie reviews on YouTube and use OBS to grab movie clips. I normally use Chrome but wanted to use Firefox this time. I am trying to grab a clip from a movie I own on Fangdango at Home, which used to be Vudu. I get audio but the screen is black. I can see the play bar at the bottom but the...
  7. D

    VHS to MP4: Nedis USB Audio / Video Grabber

    I'm trying to convert from VHS to MP4 (using EXT 1 / AV 1 port), but can't figure out what's the issue here. I have followed these instructions: What am I doing wrong here?
  8. F

    Recording is laggy when recording longer videos (15-30 minutes)

    When starting the recording, it is stable at 60 fps. In the end, it is at 12-15 fps. My game has around 90 fps. My specs are: I5 10600KF RX 5700 XT 32GB of RAM 1TB storage I can get 340 MB download on my phone, and 500 on my PC.
  9. S

    I can hear my game audio through OBS, but it won't record it

    I've been stuck on this for a couple days, searching through forums and looking all over YouTube, but I can't find a solution. When I begin recording, I can hear myself on the recording just fine, but no game audio comes through. However, I have an Audio Input Capture Device set to my capture...
  10. mayo0323

    I want automaticully record two screens.

    I try to develop a PC recording tool for audit. When I run OBS studio on someone else's PC with a windows command prompt, can it automatically detect another person's PC and the sub-monitor connected to it?
  11. mayo0323

    How to stop recording by using CUI

    How do I stop OBS studio screen recording by on windows CMD? Now, I use the following command if you know useful command like "--stoprecording" , please let me know.
  12. I


    Hello good people :D. Basically I got an audio output capture source in my OBS which is my screen audio, which obviously captures my spotify when music playing. I have this screen audio checked on all 6 tracks so any audio from my screen can be heard in VOD, which means if I add spotify in an...
  13. R

    dxvk support

    dxvk is Vulkan-based implementation of D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 for Linux / Wine (and Windows) 11.5k Stars! The issues has been reported before, dating back to 2018...
  14. M

    Streaming all windows of certain processes

    Hello! Please help me, how to stream all windows, only windows of certain processes (there are many of them and I often open new ones and close them) or how to remove certain windows from the area?
  15. markjay

    Text (GDI+) With Templates 1.2.2

    This is an enhancement to the Text (GDI+) source for Windows. With it, you can enter text such as: Then, you can go to Tools->Edit Text (GDI+) With Templates Variables That will show you the variables that it has found across all of your scenes: Then, you can fill them in: And, you see...
  16. stereo18

    Random crash OBS

    Hello OBS community, I'm currently experiencing issues with OBS as it keeps crashing, and I'm seeking help to resolve the issue. Here is the log associated with the crash: Link to Log I find it puzzling because this crash seems to affect not only OBS but also Discord and Cider. I don't...
  17. AshuraStrike

    Free Plugin Manager for OBS

    Plugin Manager for OBS This is a third-party OBS plugin manager for OBS The objective is to be able to keep track of the Plugins that you have installed and to be easy as possible to add or remove them Features Manage your plugins in your OBS folder Add and remove plugins Update or switch...
  18. H

    windows to mac backup compatible?

    I have been using OBS well on Windows 11 Pro. We are also working on backing up using OBS on macbook pro M3. I tried copying the obs-studio folder and exporting and importing scenes, but I couldn't. Is it possible to try this?
  19. C

    Window size keeps changing

    if i add a source or play a game this window keeps changing sizes
  20. J

    Windows capture not showing the Windows Settings screen

    I am trying to capture the windows settings screen via Windows Capture. The problem is that next to the open screens I don't have the settings screen in the overview of the open screens. How can I get this done ?? Regards Jacques