1. shamshitty

    windows media player just showing a black bar in window capture

    not sure whats going on here but when i try to capture windows media player through window capture all i get is this black bar, which appears to be capturing the bottom of the window as my cursor does a weird repeating effect when i hover over it. maybe its something to do with encoding? i dont...
  2. B

    OBS Only lets me record once

    I can only record completely fine the first time, but after I stop recording and I want to start recording again, it won't let me. I doesn't show any error, the record button just stays on "start recording" and I need to restart OBS to be able to record again.
  3. R

    Free American Football Scoreboard for Windows

    An application for managing text files for displaying scoreboard values for American Football. The values of the text files can be shown in OBS as text sources.
  4. R

    Compatibility between Mac and windows

    I recently just bought a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip and I was wondering if I could possibly use that as my separate device to stream on my main one which is a Windows. If there are any links or sources to find more information on this that would be great.
  5. deverin

    OBS crashes when discord is working (stream to youtube with 300s delay)

    Stumbled upon a problem after recent update of windows (only change that happened in the system, before problem accured) I tried it multiple times, attaching 2 obs-crash logs. Could someone help me, to make sense out of them?
  6. bozbez

    win-capture-audio v2.0.0-beta.3

    An OBS plugin similar to OBS's win-capture/game-capture that allows for audio capture from a specific application, rather than the system's audio as a whole. This eliminates the need for third-party software or hardware audio mixing tools that introduce complexity, and in the case of software...
  7. DP z

    Could I use OBS well on Windows11?

    Have someone tried this?
  8. Kwozy

    OBS Lua OBSPlay (Nvidia ShadowPlay Alternative) 1.0.1

    This is for the people who love the way ShadowPlay automatically sorts you clips, but don't like the limited audio tracks. This script will sorts your clips based on the current scene name(If Enabled), and because its OBS you can have as many audio tracks as you want. Just set the Base Save Path...
  9. FancyGeronimo

    Heavy Encoder Issues Starting 05-28-21

    Hello All, Im a small streamer looking for help resolving some issues with my Encoder overloading during stream and possibly some other issues. On the day in the title, I had a particularly rough stream: encorder overloaded error, the game (Nuclear Throne) was lagging, then eventually the...
  10. T

    scrambled screen??

    i have a brand new laptop and capture card but i cant get my screen to be clear. heres my log
  11. K

    OBS Crashing on Open - can't get access - help please

    Can anyone help me - my OBS is crashing every time I open it - the file is attached Any help or ideas on what's causing it would be greatly welcomed
  12. Kenshin9977

    Free Discord Overlay v1.00

    A DirectX 11 window for Windows to host Discord's Overlay in order to capture and display it with OBS. Based on the idea of Discord Overlay Host I made an updated version as it wasn't updated in 5 years and accumulated a lot of issues. Setup Run the .exe Within Discord go to user settings ►...
  13. T

    audio stopped with windows 10 update to 20H2

    after upgrade to windows 10 20H2 the audio mixer no longer shows anything for desktop audio (qu32 mixer) nor desktop audio 2. The system sound properties for Line Qu-32 shows movement in the vu meter and if I play a local video the playback device Qu-32 CH27/28 shows movement in the vu meter...
  14. E

    Hollowness sound in recording/streaming

    Issue: Hollowness in sound occurring during recording and streaming. Setup: running sound from a 24 channel analog mixer into a computer and obs. Sound quality is good into the computer. Hollowness is occurring when converting to live cast and recording. Have tested the input using monitor and...
  15. O

    Extreme Screen Tearing

    I'm reposting this because I didn't get a single reply also no, don't tell me to do something like cap my framerates or turn on vsync because literally no one in the potpvp community does that and their gameplay is still Smoove Example of people that don't cap their fps and still get smooth...
  16. T

    Script: Stop/Start Stream

    Hello, I've been researching how to run a script on OBS and found many resourceful scripts for various uses, but I didn't find one that I was looking for (besides restarting a stream). I was hoping I could get help with creating a script to stop an active stream and another script to start it...
  17. D

    All peripherals stop receiving input after a few minutes of streaming/recording

    I'm on the latest version of OBS studio and cannot record or stream anything for longer than 15 minutes before my monitors go dark and RGB on my keyboard and mouse turn off as they stop receiving inputs. Looking at the recordings after the fact, they also stop when this occurs. It also doesn't...
  18. L

    Radom crashes due to vcruntime140.dll making OBS unusable

    Hi all: I've purchased a new and powerful computer with an NVidia Graphics Card, latest CPU, plenty of RAM... only to discover OBS crashes all the time and renders it unusable, having to return to my old machine that struggles with it. The session I've attached was using Skype and NDI for the...
  19. Bo2101

    Twitch Category Manager 1.0.0

    About This plugin finds a corresponding category on Twitch for the game you're playing, by monitoring the active window on your computer. The following situations appear: A single category is found In this case the channel will be updated automatically Multiple categories are found for your...
  20. T

    Screen Resolution Not Fitting to OBS?

    I've recently tried to record/stream using OBS, and whenever there's always a bit of black space at the top and bottom of my screen. I've also recently got this new laptop and hooked it up to a 27-inch monitor. The native resolution of the monitor is 2560 × 1440, but when I set that as the base...