GenIcam Camera Configuration Settings


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I need to change the camera configuration settings while the camera is deactivated. Is there a way to do this in OBS? When I edit the video source properties in OBS, OBS needs to have the camera active in order to edit the camera configuration this turns on a preview of the camera output.

I am trying to record with a Basler acA2500-14uc camera on OBS. Basler uses a DirectShow filter and lists the camera as 4 different camera sources. Basler GenICam Source, and then " Source [2..4]. When I select the camera source, the device settings dialogue has 2 other pixel format options. I need to set the pixel format option to YCbCr 422 in order to get a color image in my video recordings. I can use Virtual VCR to record from this single camera. But I want to use OBS so I can record from multiple cameras at once.

Source selected, pixel mode "Mono 8" and pixel mode "YCbCr 422."

Properties dialogue in VirtualVCR with preview off. Properties dialogue in OBS since I cannot turn off the preview while accessing the device configuration.

I tried using webcam-settings-dialog-windows to edit the pixel format while the camera was deactivated and OBS was running, but OBS just sets the device configuration to default whenever it activates the camera.

Can I edit this camera configuration as an ini (or something) file in OBS before I activate the camera, or is it hard coded to read the default from the driver whenever it activates the device?

About the system I'm testing this on Windows 11 and am using the camera over a direct USB3 vision connector (USB3.0 type A to super speed micro USB). I have reached out to Basler support, but this seems to be an OBS compatability issue since it works with other capture softwares such as VirtualVCR.

Thanks for your time!