camera connection

  1. 3L1JAH

    Camera not reconnecting via USB when unplugged and replugged

    I have canon eos40d and Everything connects to obs just fine but I noticed if the usb cable gets interrupted the camera shuts off and I am unable to just reconnect the USB cable I have to unplug the USB from the camera,turn off the camera and turn it back on for it to work again anyone know any...
  2. B

    GenIcam Camera Configuration Settings

    I need to change the camera configuration settings while the camera is deactivated. Is there a way to do this in OBS? When I edit the video source properties in OBS, OBS needs to have the camera active in order to edit the camera configuration this turns on a preview of the camera output. I am...
  3. N

    OBS crashing when opening video capture device settings.

    It's as the title says, whenever I add the video capture device and open the settings, it perma loads, freezes and crashes, I can't think of anything to fix it at this point.
  4. F

    Camera only works in 1 scene collection

    I've only recently started running into this problem. My main camera only works in 1 scene collection, not in any others. I've tried using a blank collection for issues like this in the past (switch to the blank between collections) but it hasn't helped as of late. I've tried removing the...
  5. G

    Cameras not working

    I apologize in advance - must be simple... I have two cameras (Microsoft LifeCam, and Elmo Mo-1). Both show up as video input devices for a scene. I had done some tests last year with them both in OBS and it worked fine. Just restarted using OBS (it did an update to current version), and they...
  6. L

    Problem with OBS & Sony camera! Help!

    Major Camera Latency/Buffering Issue Help! I’ve been trying to solve this issue the past few days. It’s been driving me nuts! So, I’m running a Sony A6000 as a video capture device and it has buffer/latency/lag. But not any normal lag like the one you change your audio a few ms forward or...
  7. A

    IP Cameras keep going to black screen

    Heya! I have 3 IP cameras setup. All via UTP directly in a special router for it. In the app of the cameras they all work, all the time. But when connected as a mediasource they black out sometimes. Sometimes all at the same time, sometimes just one. They wont reconnect aumatically. I have to...
  8. I

    How to connect my dslr camera to laptop

    Hello guys, Please i have been trying on how i can connect my dslr/camcorder cameras to my laptop to project my camera view to live. (Church project to facebook stream live) The cameras has mini hdmi output and also AV output. Can someone who has successfully set this up before tell me how...
  9. J

    DSLR Camera won't connect to pc through Capture Card!

    I have legit been trying to do this for weeks now, nothing I do works. I've searched plenty of tutorials and nothing seems to work. It would seem I'm at the mercy of the forum for help on this one. So please, help a fellow human being out. I'm using An August VG500 Capture card =...
  10. J

    Blackmagic Decklink duo 2 stopped working with recent update

    All my cameras are fed in thru our Decklink Duo 2... Normally works great.. finally got around to updating to the latest release and to my dismay all my cameras show GREEN for their output into obs and I couldn't get them to work. Needless to say I downgraded with success and my cameras work as...
  11. R

    Eos webcam utility lagging

    I have a i5 9600k and a rtx 2060 I use the eos rebel t6 with a mini usb cable plugged straight into my computer When I use eos webcam utility it lags and stutters a lot Does anyone know what the issue is?
  12. The Scruffy Monkey

    Canon DSLR 250D not seen by OBS or other streaming software

    Hi, I have got a problem with OBS software which does not recognise my camera has been connected. I have also tried ManyCam, CamTwist and I think a couple more but they also failed to see there is an external camera detected. It is the only external camera (apart from smartphones) I have at...