I have got a problem with OBS software which does not recognise my camera has been connected. I have also tried ManyCam, CamTwist and I think a couple more but they also failed to see there is an external camera detected. It is the only external camera (apart from smartphones) I have at home to try so I can't rectify with others.
Ecamm Live on the other hand recognise it right away but my trial has ended and this software is not for free so I would rather be using OBS.
I am connecting camera via USB. Maybe I need to use HDMI cable (that I do not have but can consider getting)?

Anyone else experienced the same problem?
My camera wasn't listed there so I thought it won't work but it did! Just used a random one from the list and all good but need to do few more tests just in case.
If anything goes wrong I will post it here