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  1. T

    Fixing Video Stutter, is Frame Rate the Problem?

    I'm using a Canon R6 connected to my iMac M3 with a Cam Link 4K. I'm using OBS 30.0.2. In OBS my frame rate is set to 30fps (1920x1080), but the camera is set to 29.97fps (30fps isn't an option). I notice that the video sometimes stutters or lags a tiny bit every so often during a livestream...
  2. K

    Resolution size changed to a stretched wide screen

    Hi everyone, I have an issue that has me a bit stumped whenever I turn on the OBS program. I hope what I say will make sense... to preface my Mac resolution size is 5120 x 2880 and the second monitor resolution size is 1920x1080 I have a Canon Eos650d camera that I use for lives and I just...
  3. D

    EOS Canon Rebl T5 not focusing

    So I use EOS Utility and OBS to try and steam BUT my camera does not focus as shown below. It shows the background clear but not up close. I have tried changing the mode on the camera and I have tried to change it to manual focus. But nothing has worked :/ This is a close up This is sort of...
  4. PizzaPeter1998

    Does Canon Webcam Utility Use The NVENC Encoder?

    Just out of curiosity does anybody know if Canon's Webcam Utility Software / Driver uses the NVENC encoder to decode the DSLR's signal? I've emailed them and posted on their forums but nobody has seemed to of gottent back to me.
  5. The Scruffy Monkey

    Canon DSLR 250D not seen by OBS or other streaming software

    Hi, I have got a problem with OBS software which does not recognise my camera has been connected. I have also tried ManyCam, CamTwist and I think a couple more but they also failed to see there is an external camera detected. It is the only external camera (apart from smartphones) I have at...
  6. T

    Question / Help Live Streaming Video

    I have a Cannon XA10 video camera that I am trying to do a live stream video feed for our Church services. I purchase a capture card which is plugged into the camera via HDMI cable, I see the red box on the screen and it appears to be reading the Camera but I still do not see a picture. Any...