Resolution size changed to a stretched wide screen


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Hi everyone, I have an issue that has me a bit stumped whenever I turn on the OBS program. I hope what I say will make sense... to preface my Mac resolution size is 5120 x 2880 and the second monitor resolution size is 1920x1080

I have a Canon Eos650d camera that I use for lives and I just recently set up another monitor to position programs/windows as I need them during said lives. I have an Avermedia live gamer gc 553 capture board that is hooked up via an HDMI (Canon) to Type C (Mac). Now when I use a second HDMI2 HD cable to hook up to the capture board and the second monitor, it mirrors the 1920x 1080 resolution size I set up in OBS just fine. See below.


The problem is when I disconnect that HDMI so I can use the monitor to place other windows there, the OBS camera resolution size stretches to a weird wide screen size. No matter what settings I go through to fix it, it doesn't revert to the settings I had before... the only thing that remotely works is stretching the video feed to fit the new black parameters but it's not ideal at all. Help?


log file: