resolution problem

  1. Jaime Valencia

    iPad Screen Share - Resolution Problem

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie here! So apologies if I missed something obvious. I share my iPad screen on my Zoom lessons and I use the Vertical plugin by Aitum to backtrack record. The iPad stream is fine (left image), but the resolution on the vertical backtracks changes (right image) They both...
  2. T

    Résolution webcam qui change quand Fortnite est lancé

    Bonjour, Tout est dans le titre, J'ai réglé ma webcam de façon à ce que mon fond vert soit adapté à la résolution de 1024x576. Malgré cela, quand je lance Fortnite, la résolution s'agrandit et quand je réouvre OBS sur mon deuxième écran, la résolution repasse à la normale... Cela se produit...
  3. B

    Looking for recommendations for IP Camera Streaming

    Hi everyone, Newbie here and a noob at OBS Studio as well. :( I am seeking for some recommendations to fix a couple of problems that we have while streaming with OBS. Firstly, we use IP Cameras (not sure which build) that are wide-angled because the ceiling is not so high. So the video always...
  4. G

    In Wayland, OBS captures wrong Window (PipeWire) resolution with monitor scaling set

    Debian 12 with KDE, Wayland OBS 29.1.3 Flatpak Monitor scaling 150% Add a Window Capture (PipeWire), using Minecraft as example, the window resolution is 2558*1492 Then in OBS, Resize output (Minecraft source size) Resolution changed to 1705*994, and the capture looks blur 1705 ~= 2558 /...
  5. A

    Error message when typing resolution into video settings page.

    Hello, I have been using OBS to record 9:16 videos without any problems on my MacBook pro. Today I installed it on my Windows Machine, but the video settings panel does not allow me to type in any resolutions that are outside of the 16:9 aspect ratio into the video settings page. For instance...
  6. Peter_JY

    Enable recording at an odd resolution

    For example, my computer has a screen at 2160*1440. If I want to record a game at full resolution and in the ratio of 16:9, the height should be 1215. In I420 color format, it need to combine a 2*2 pixels to get the color, so the resolution must be able to devided by 2. But in I444, it doesn't...
  7. I

    playing switch on obs with several issues

    because i wanna play on my switch in my room at higher res, i bought a capture card. i downloaded obs to play and it’s working really poorly. there is video delay, audio works but there’s audio delay, and the res and framerate look really bad. i’m 100% sure it’s not my laptop since, not to brag...
  8. D

    Trying to run a Nintendo Switch through a capture card in OBS, will not run above 720p.

    When I run my Switch through a capture card into OBS I am unable to set the resolution to 1920x1080, even though the capture card should be good up to 4k and the Switch docked is supposed to run at 1080p. The capture card I am using is the Razer Ripsaw X. Screenshot below. I can physically...
  9. J

    Bad YouTube Streaming quality despite high Bitrate at 1080p....

    Hi, I've been trying to test out my Streams on YT and I can't find a solution to my problem. When nothing is moving the Picture is crisp and fine, but as soon as something is slightly moving it gets all blurry and pixalated, U can even see the after image in the picture slideshows... But it...
  10. K

    Resolution size changed to a stretched wide screen

    Hi everyone, I have an issue that has me a bit stumped whenever I turn on the OBS program. I hope what I say will make sense... to preface my Mac resolution size is 5120 x 2880 and the second monitor resolution size is 1920x1080 I have a Canon Eos650d camera that I use for lives and I just...
  11. M

    Low output resolution

    Hi guys, i just started streaming on Facebook using obs, and the max resolution i get in streaming is 1280*720 and not 1920*1080. I'm using 10400f and rx 5500xt and using a decent tv screen for now LOL. Need to know why can't i stream on higher it because I'm using the classic...
  12. T

    Question / Help Glitching screen...Enough resolution??

    Hey trying to go live but video is glitching and flicking really fast. When I try to go LIVE on YouTube it's saying I don't have enough resolution.
  13. I

    Question / Help Black Bars Around GameCapture

    Hey everybody, I just downloaded OBS and was testing it out trying to get used to it. When I started capturing my screen the capture didnt scale to the window and now im left with two black bars. If i try to fit it to the screen it just becomes stretched. Thanks for any help!
  14. RoxBox

    Question / Help Canvas/Output Resolution Mismatch

    Hello there! Let me preface this by saying I've been using OBS for just a few hours after noticing some recordings on XSplit had stutters that ruined my footage, so this question may have been answered before (I just didn't know exactly how to look it up around). So, I am currently working on...
  15. B

    Question / Help I can't seem to get the right screen size

    In the "Video" tab, I can't seem to get the right resolution. When I check the display settings for my computer, it says I have a 15.4 inch (2800x1800) screen, but my finished video always looks wrong, with it being really long, but not at all wide. Any thoughts?
  16. Appendix

    Question / Help Wrong Res to Viewers (Right shown to me). Tried Cropping no help.

    Game Res at 1280x800 cause it's older game that works best with way lower Res. Desktop Res is 1980x1080. With Display capture it does this. Game Capture or W.Cap doesn't work for this Dune 2K even Game Capture Recognizes it at OBS's Scene list. Cutscenes are shown in small window at top left...
  17. S

    Question / Help Bitrate at 50000 on 43 4k monitor resolution

    Hi - Not sure what setting I need to change to get better resolution on 43 inch 4k monitor. When I play and fit (expending in 43 inch), the resolution is really there any way to increase the resolution? In my old PC, I used to be able to record it and play just like I would be able to...
  18. Y

    Question / Help OBS slightly zooming in

    So I've tried numerous ways to fix this however my videos and streams keep on zooming in just a little bit. Please help my dudes This is a video of what its doing during my stream. as you can see everything is zoomed in a lil bit even the browser
  19. P

    Question / Help Window capture resolution is too low

    I'm trying to record Dishonored for a let's play, and I finally figured out my audio issues on my own, but the resolution is too low. I have my video settings in OBS set to record at a base of 1920x1080 and to output it at the same resolution, but it still down-scales the resolution when I open...
  20. T

    Question / Help C920 Not allowing higher resolution custom settings

    I'm having a bizarre issue with my webcam in OBS. If I use Device Default for the Resolution/FPS Type under properties everything is fine, but the resolution is kind of low and it's a square vs a rectangle. I have my entire layout setup around a rectangular webcam. When I click Custom instead...