IP Cameras keep going to black screen


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I have 3 IP cameras setup. All via UTP directly in a special router for it. In the app of the cameras they all work, all the time.
But when connected as a mediasource they black out sometimes. Sometimes all at the same time, sometimes just one. They wont reconnect aumatically. I have to open the config tab, and press OK again. And it works again,
This problem is also happening on Windows, but not as much. Also does not reconnect automatically.

I tried other UTP kabels and other RTSP ports. They all have their own ports. 555,556,557 with static IP.
Included is a screenshot on the settings of the camera's

When i try to create a VLC link and put it in OBS the program crashes.

I am out if ideas now. Somebody who knows stuff that i can try? Thanks in advance :)

PS: If the fix is only on windows i will just switch to Windows :)


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