OBS Framerate Inconsistency


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Ok so basically I've been using OBS for streaming consistently for about 2 weeks now and I have noticed inconsistencies throughout

I'm mainly gonna be asking help with framerate and lag. Yesterday I wanted to do a Halloween stream and play some RE3 remake since I hadn't played it before. I booted it up and the framerate tanked to 23fps. After fiddling with the settings of RE3 to have the least amount of strain on my GPU and CPU I got the FPS to about 40fps, sometimes jumping to high 40's if lucky. Disgruntled, I decided instead to play DOOM Eternal, since I also hadn't played it yet, and it was the only thing horror themed installed on my PC, but again when I opened it up and got to main menu, it tanked to 20fps. That's when I just played Genshin Impact instead, which ran fine.

This morning, I decided to troubleshoot my PC. I've done memtest and none of the RAM was faulty (working with 32GB), so I set up a dummy twitch account and streamed with the same settings for RE3 and guess what... it ran beautifully. Not a single drop in anything. In fact it was the best settings I had seen in all the streams I've done with no lag whatsoever. So basically what I'm asking is - wtf happened. I have the logs for it for both the fucked stream and todays stream.

tl;dr ran stream yesterday, 20fps. ran stream today, 60fps. same game, no setting changes. Logs for both streams provided.


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