OBS Studio&Streamlabs OBS disconnecting[CSGO]


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Hey! I've been streaming for awhile now and I have noticed that my OBS disconnects itself, and then it connects automatically back ONLY when I start CS:GO. It is pretty annoying, because then my stream of course cut off and if I play like four games in my stream, then my twitch shows four different "Last Broadcasts"

I've tried these different things to prevent that happening:
Reinstall windows,
OBS Studio,
Streamlabs OBS

LOGS from one day it happened is attached also.


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logs from streamlabs' software are not helpful for us as we do not provide support for it.


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1. what Harold said
2. take a look at the log yourself... scroll past the intro section... and you'll see Game Capture hook issues.
and I'm not a gamer... but plenty of discussions in this forum regarding anti-cheat stuff in games interfering with capture/streaming. so I won't be surprised if you did a quick check on recommended capture approach for CSGO turns up the info you need