1. C

    Not your normal disconnect/reconnect issue

    Greetings OBS family, This is my first time actually posting on a forum anywhere for help. I usually am able to find out on my own through the many resources people post online but this one is got me stumped. Story: About a couple of months ago I noticed OBS disconnecting and reconnecting and...
  2. G

    Audio disconnecting on clip in OBS from 4i4

    I've got 2 mics and a guitar running through a Focusrite 4i4 and I'm not sure where the disconnect is happening, but it's the mic levels after going through a couple pedals that seem to be causing it. I'm using the Focusrite USB ASIO driver and there is probably some "protection" being triggered...
  3. S

    OBS Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting durring streams

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help here. Once per stream, OBS has a little popup that says disconnecting and then another that says reconnecting shortly after. The stream on Twitch then stops down and starts back up again. Locally, OBS doesn't seem to crash or stop recording and streaming. I'm...
  4. S

    OBS keeps disconnecting stream on twitch

    Hi All, As the title says, it keeps disconnecting. OBS doesn't crash or anything, I'll just look over and my stream will be offline or someone in chat will tell me. I thought it might have been due to streaming on wifi so I ran an ethernet cord through half of my house today to get better...
  5. N

    OBS Stream Disconnecting/ Reconnecting - WriteN, RTMP send error 10054

    Hi guys, I'm getting a constant disconnection from my Twitch stream through OBS, I don't seem to be getting any other connections errors in terms of videos games lagging or music stopping or stuttering. When I run the log reports I get a message saying WriteN, RTMP send error 10054 - Which...
  6. R

    Twitch Stream Keeps Going Offline - Please Help - Log Provided

    I've tried streaming w/ new PC's, new internet in new address's, a multitude of games but I always have issues. I come here begging for help. ISSUE: My stream keeps disconnecting w/out OBS showing many issues. When streaming at OBS recommended settings I get about %4 "Frames missed due to...
  7. P

    Stream disconnecting after motherboard upgrade?

    Hey guys :) I'm having issues with OBS ever since I installed my new motherboard (it's an MSI Pro Z790-P Wifi). I've always streamed over wifi with no issues, and what I found interesting is when I use my wifi adapter to connect to the internet rather than my new motherboard, I can stream...
  8. GothPhoebe

    Having random disconnects

    I'm not sure what's causing it but I've been having issues with random disconnects to twitch for a few months now. Here are a few of my logs to see if these help find out what the issue is.
  9. M

    wierd random disconnection

    Lately i have been streaming on twitch playing overwatch 2 with my friends, but i've been constantly getting disconnected and reconnected. (game and stream) i tried lowering the bitrate, video quality, changing serveurs.... but nothing seems to fix this probleme. it is even wierder when you...
  10. N

    OBS keeps reconnecting every 10 minutes (only on twitch)

    Hello, I have a small problem with OBS and Streamlabs. When I try to stream it breaks every 10 minutes and reconnects. I checked if it's the network's fault, but it turns out this only happens on twitch. I'm attaching the OBS logs below. Thanks for your help
  11. M

    OBS disconnecting and reconnecting whilst streaming

    I've been streaming on Twitch for about 6 months and have recently in the last week started having Twitch show me as offline despite not ending a stream, and being shown a notification that OBS has disconnected and is trying to re-connect. Each stream it's happened in has been at different times...
  12. D

    Internet Connection Issue

    Background: I built my first PC and started streaming using OBS about 2 months ago. I use Wi-Fi as Ethernet simply isn’t possible from my bedroom, however I have great internet (172 Upload/68 Download/18 ping/No jitter at the time of this post). On OBS 27 I never had any issues. Since updating...
  13. R

    OBS Disconnecting During Stream

    Hello! I stream to twitch using an Asus Zenbook Pro Duo. The stream itself runs fine and then the bitrate goes down to 0 kbps and OBS disconnects. This happens multiple times during streams and they can sometimes happen back to back. I don't have the option to use an ethernet connection so I...
  14. S

    OBS keeps randomly disconnecting at a loss.

    My OBS randomly disconnects during my streams and reconnecting. This can happen to upwards of four times in an hour or not a single time within two to three hours. I've tried searching but I've gotten tons of different results. I run it as administrator and follow guides bind my IP etc. Any help...
  15. T

    OBS Studio&Streamlabs OBS disconnecting[CSGO]

    Hey! I've been streaming for awhile now and I have noticed that my OBS disconnects itself, and then it connects automatically back ONLY when I start CS:GO. It is pretty annoying, because then my stream of course cut off and if I play like four games in my stream, then my twitch shows four...
  16. B

    Can't reconnect after internet going down then coming back online

    I've been having this problem recently where if I'm live and my internet goes out and comes back online, OBS just won't reconnect at all. If I hit stop streaming then try to hit start streaming that just doesn't do anything. If I try to close OBS in this state I have to keep clicking close...
  17. I

    Streaming repeteadly Disconnect and Riconnect

    Good Morning, from more than a week I had a problem with the streaming. From one day to another after few minutes I start the live OBS starts to disconnects and tries to reconnect to the stream, if it succeeds after a few more minutes the thing happen again. I read on the internet, and on your...
  18. Facchini

    Youtube Livestream disconnecting for absolutely no reasons (even with Restream!)

    Hello people, I hope everyone is having a great week! I'm partnered with another platform that allows me to stream at high bitrates (50000kbps cap) and that's exactly what I use to stream daily and absolutely never had problems. They will ask me to renew my contract next month but I don't want...
  19. L

    OBS Studio Disconnect and Reconnect

    Hey! I do live streaming on YouTube. I am broadcasting to the RTMP server. Recently, problems have begun. Began to happen every 5 seconds - 5 minutes disconnect, and then reconnect to the server. This is very annoying. 1) Internet is directly connected via cable to PC. 2) I found out and...
  20. L

    Disconnecting - reconnecting continually

    I am having a problem trying to do a livestream using obs. When i click on start streaming it connects and then instantly disconnects and then reconnects again and so on. I have attached the log https://obsproject.com/logs/Fds0x3f4xxYbBE1U Here is a short video of the issue...