wierd random disconnection


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Lately i have been streaming on twitch playing overwatch 2 with my friends,
but i've been constantly getting disconnected and reconnected. (game and stream)

i tried lowering the bitrate, video quality, changing serveurs....
but nothing seems to fix this probleme.

it is even wierder when you consider that one day it is fine (only the stream get disconnected and reconnected once or twice) and the next day it is literally impossible to play and stream.

you can find the last OBS log file and a screenshot of a speed test below.

PS: excuse my english, i am french


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That happens to me occasionally, the latest was yesterday.. I never could figure out why and just assumed it was a glitch.
I know that's not the answer you wanted but just didn't want you to feel alone having this problem..


ignoring the older version, wrong color range, and multiple game captures. you are showing dropped frames. this would be caused by a problem either in your local network or a problem with your internet service provider, don't be fooled by a speed test result and think that your internet is good. depending on the type of service that you have, there could be underlying issues that do not show up in a speed test. it wouldn't hurt to have your provider come out and test everything to be sure.