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    Getting Disconnected within few minutes of Streaming.

    So i do multi stream through mobcrush but from yesterday i am getting disconnected within few hours sometime in minutes. I am giving log files to give more details. Today i got DC two times. These are the log file of those moment.
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    Question / Help Stream stops for no apparent reason

    I stream twice a day an the stream just stops and I get a Notification saying "OBS Disconnected" Then it says "Reconnection Successful" but the bitrate is aweful and the stream usually just dies. Even if I close OBS and all processes it still doesn't perform. I stream to YouTube, can anyone...
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    Question / Help OBS + Yellow Duck (Instagram) Disconnecting

    I am trying to use yellowduck to connect my OBS to instagram. During streaming it would disconnect at random times ( sometimes 10 min, sometimes 30 min, always random). I am not receiving any copyright infringement notifications kicking me off. I would just receive and "disconnected...
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    Question / Help OBS causes second drive to disconnect.

    I have the problem everytime I start OBS my second drive is disconnecting after a while. I had all my files there for overlays but moved it over to the main drive but it still crashes every time and I don't know how to fix it. I checked on the Task Managar when the drive disconnects the usage...
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    Bug Report stopping stream without any reason

    yesterday my FB stream stopped exactly after 1 hour.Today same thing happend with me, streaming stopped after 1hr 50mins .My net is ok cause OBS didn't let me reconnect also im in discord .I dont know what to do and how to fix this!
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    Question / Help Stream randomly disconnects for about 20 seconds but rest of internet works

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    Question / Help OBS NDI Frames missed due to rendering lag, and NDI signal dropping out constantly

    Hey! So I use 2 computers for streaming and recording with an OBS NDI setup, through a wired gigabyte switch with cat5e cables to both computers. This setup has worked flawlessly for about a year, I'd stream via my second, weaker PC, and use my main PC to play games, as well as use the Replay...
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    Question / Help Gamepad suddenly disconnecting while streaming.

    Hi guys! I'm trying to stream FIFA20 and I'm using gamepad Genesis PV58 that is connected via Bluetooth. The problem is that it works perfectly fine every day, but when I'm streaming it constantly disconnects, flashing like OBS is interfering the signal, because gamepad works with lags or just...
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    Question / Help Microphone (and camera) randomly resetting / disconnecting

    I have a problem, sometimes while im streaming with obs my mic (blue yeti) stops giving sound, but still recieves power, something similar happens with my camera (connected through usb) the camera randomly turns on and off (justs same as mic) but in the case of the mic it doesnt give any sound...