Stream disconnecting after motherboard upgrade?


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Hey guys :)

I'm having issues with OBS ever since I installed my new motherboard (it's an MSI Pro Z790-P Wifi). I've always streamed over wifi with no issues, and what I found interesting is when I use my wifi adapter to connect to the internet rather than my new motherboard, I can stream without issues. However, once I switch back to using the motherboard's built in wifi, I will get random disconnects while streaming at various intervals. The disconnects come with no frame drops or error messages at all, just a sudden drop. The stream video will also display weird artifacting (like a smearing effect rather than low bitrate quality). My log file also shows no irregularities, and twitch inspector says I have excellent connection quality.

Here's some things I've tried:
-Different versions of OBS
-Different streaming servers
-Updating my wifi drivers
-Streaming at lower bitrates
-Adding OBS as an exclusion to my firewall and virus protection

The ONLY thing that seems to work is using my wifi adapter rather than my motherboard's wifi, which leads me to believe its something to do with my motherboard. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


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This looks like an issue on the MOBO. You should contact them. Usually this kind of issues are resolved with updated drivers or BIOS.