1. L

    Problème connexion serveur

    Bonsoir, depuis que j'ai fais la nouvelle mise à jour je rencontre un problème, je ne peux plus stream quand je fais des partages de connexion depuis mon télephone en revange quand je me connecte de mon ordinateur depuis ma connexion wifi je peux stream comment résoudre ?
  2. P

    Stream disconnecting after motherboard upgrade?

    Hey guys :) I'm having issues with OBS ever since I installed my new motherboard (it's an MSI Pro Z790-P Wifi). I've always streamed over wifi with no issues, and what I found interesting is when I use my wifi adapter to connect to the internet rather than my new motherboard, I can stream...
  3. S

    OBS 28.0.3 dropping to 0kb/s disconnecting and reconnecting

    I've been streaming on Twitch since February on a wi-fi connection. You'd think that would be the cause of the following issue, but it didn't start happening until around last month or so. In short: my streams (not all, but most) will randomly drop to 0 kb/s, disconnect, and then reconnect...
  4. ken.shaw

    Using Wired (PTZ) Sources and WiFi (iOS via NDI) Sources Together

    Trying to confirm whether it's possible to use a combination of both wired and wifi sources at the same time. The system is PC-based with 3 hardwired PTZ cameras. Trying to add handheld cameras using the NDI Plug-In and NDI app on iOS devices. There is no wifi adapter currently installed but...
  5. I

    Streaming repeteadly Disconnect and Riconnect

    Good Morning, from more than a week I had a problem with the streaming. From one day to another after few minutes I start the live OBS starts to disconnects and tries to reconnect to the stream, if it succeeds after a few more minutes the thing happen again. I read on the internet, and on your...
  6. dev47

    DroidCam OBS Camera 2.3.2

    The DroidCam OBS plugin lets you connect your phone and get high quality audio & video directly into OBS Studio, just like a regular camera source. No need for a separate client, less software = more resources for your production! Connect as many devices as you want, using WiFi or USB*. Free...
  7. P

    Use NDI with LAN and WiFi (OBS) as Capture Card

    I would like to send my screen on my 2nd PC to my streaming PC over wireless (WiFi), and use LAN for the streaming PC to receive the screen with NDI (as Capture Card). Is there a way to do it? Maybe the image below would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. A

    Best Settings For Obs 720 p Radio Streaming Wifi connection

    Pc Specs Are Gigabyte h110m-ds2 Intel G4600 Pentium Kingston HyperX 8gb DDR4 3000mhz Intel HD630 Tp Link 150mbps wireless adapter PC is in the same room as my 50 Mbps unlimited ISP router normal settings It Keeps on Dropping Frames it sometimes goes to 2500 then drops to 0 then back again to...
  9. M

    Getting the most out of Wi-Fi

    I understand that the preferred and most reliable way to live stream is through a corded connection, and I do this with success on my home network. I also successfully live stream using the wi-fi on my home network when I need to, so I know it is possible. I'm wondering if I can get more out...
  10. dististik

    Question / Help RTMP send error 10054 over USB tether

    I have an odd issue I don't quite understand happening with OBS. When I try to stream over a tether to my phone via USB, the stream will be fine for a short time and then suddenly disconnect. After stopping the stream my phone's USB cable disconnects then reconnects. I know this is an issue with...
  11. J

    Question / Help Get video source from UDP stream vlc to OBS

    Hi there, I wanted to get my camera source to OBS, I am using wifi udp stream available in my camera Sony pxw-70. I am able to watch the UDP stream in vlc but i am not able to get that source in obs. I have tried to capture window but there's a flickering glitch in window capture. Didn't work I...
  12. P

    Question / Help Sending video feed via wifi from Yi Action 4K camera to OBS

    I've been fighting this for past few days and I've been unable to figure it out. The problem is as follows, I own an Yi Action 4K camera which unfortunately doesn't allow (or I'm not aware of any software) to be used as a webcam (send image via USB) or output to HDMI (even if it could I don't...
  13. P

    Question / Help NDI plugin

    ¿Tengo un problema, tengo dos pc, una en una sala y la otra en otra sala, me gustaria saber y puedo usar este complemento desde dos redes wifi diferentes? Ayuda por favor!!
  14. A

    Question / Help Failed to connect to server while on wifi

    I've been having difficulty connecting to Facebook's livestream server using wifi, however when I use the ethernet connection, I have no issue. My colleague who is using the same connection is not having difficulty connecting to the server with both ethernet and with wifi. I've attached both...