Best Settings For Obs 720 p Radio Streaming Wifi connection


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Pc Specs Are
Gigabyte h110m-ds2
Intel G4600 Pentium
Kingston HyperX 8gb DDR4 3000mhz
Intel HD630
Tp Link 150mbps wireless adapter

PC is in the same room as my 50 Mbps unlimited ISP router

normal settings It Keeps on Dropping Frames it sometimes goes to 2500 then drops to 0 then back again to 1000 then to 0
i tried the setting on advanced network, dynamically change bitrate, no more dropped frames but will that affect my stream at twitch since im only displaying my radio artwork at the scenes?


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Use an Ethernet cable to connect your PC to your ISP router (assuming it has built in switch).


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Streaming, both broadcasting and viewing, works best on a stable connection. If you're having issues broadcasting on a wireless connection, then use a wired connection. Wireless, in general, should only be used as a last resort. If a wired connection is feasible, do it. The router is in the same room.


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it works now its just when other people connect to the isp router

Yup, you only have some much upload bandwidth and other users on local network can contend for it. Some routers have Quality of Service options that could prioritize certain traffic over others. ... but play nice or risk getting kicked off home network altogether ;^)
As for TP-link, years ago they were known for low-cost devices with terrible security (poor coding, then lack of updates...). I have no idea if they have improved as I've ignored them ever since. I mention this as old, slow (poorly designed/supported) routers can impact jitter sensitive traffic