Question / Help Sending video feed via wifi from Yi Action 4K camera to OBS


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I've been fighting this for past few days and I've been unable to figure it out.
The problem is as follows, I own an Yi Action 4K camera which unfortunately doesn't allow (or I'm not aware of any software) to be used as a webcam (send image via USB) or output to HDMI (even if it could I don't have any capture device).

The only way is via WIFI and even this isn't that straightforward, at first I was trying to use an APP called Xiaomi Yi C&C but due to a reqirurement of using scripts that run on camera startup to let it connect to a router that also happen to not work for me (by default you can only connect PC/phone to it but I'm connected via ethernet and don't have any wifi adapters) I had to abandon that idea.
Afterwards I discovered that there is a mobile app for Yi Action cameras and with recent firmware update it is possible to stream to few services or to your "custom url" or something like that. With that I was able to succesfully (other than terrible quality and latency of around 10 seconds due to using 2,4ghz and not 5) stream to Youtube by using that custom url and typing in stream link/key/path that youtube individually generates for each channel for use with live streaming.

The problem is I have no idea how I could send that directly to OBS instead.
Do I have to setup some kind of server or something to send that video feed so OBS can captrue that? Right now the only way for me was to just go Camera (WIFI) - > Youtube - > Screen capture of stream from website (youtube link to live stream) - > OBS - > any other streaming service but this solution is very bad, it causes even more lag, dropouts and quality loss so it's not acceptable.

How should I go about it, I want the least amount of thing to happen between camera and OBS, preferably some kind of direct stream, can you make your own rtmp or any other server that I could stream to from camera (you connect it to WIFI/start streaming by generating QR code in mobile app and scanning it with camera, it contains information that you enter in app and that includes the service you want to stream to, including that custom url one that works with Youtube).

Thanks in advance for any tips and help, I would really want to use that camera and not just buy a dedicated webcam for it, it doesn't need to be perfect, 720p 30 fps would be enough but if it can be done then 1080/1440p at 60 fps (if 5ghz wifi and my network will be able to handle it).


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Hello there,

I've exactly the same problem / needs, except that I own a Yi 4K+ (plus) model and I'm using GNU/Linux - where, maybe, there could be more alternatives such as v4l2loopback and/or uv4l. Can we create a virtual device using v4l2loopback and a RTSP server that sends the stream to it? Then the solution would be simply to start the live streaming from the camera to the RTSP server (I wonder...)

Any [other] solution for this?

Thank you :)