Using Wired (PTZ) Sources and WiFi (iOS via NDI) Sources Together

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Trying to confirm whether it's possible to use a combination of both wired and wifi sources at the same time. The system is PC-based with 3 hardwired PTZ cameras. Trying to add handheld cameras using the NDI Plug-In and NDI app on iOS devices. There is no wifi adapter currently installed but I wanted to confirm whether it's technically possible before I waste time adding an adapter. I'd love to hear from someone who has done it or currently has a system setup like this. I'm hoping it doesn't matter (wired v. wifi) but I don't have time to waste messing around if it does.


Have you heard of DroidCam OBS? I am not sure what protocol it uses to communicate with OBS, but it works pretty well.

We have 3 wired cameras and use a 4th "Wi-Fi" based camera. Notes:
- our PC has a wired connection to our network
- the "Wi-Fi" based camera is an Android phone running DroidCam OBS