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  1. K

    iOS Camera audio missing with 29.0.0 update (macOS)

    I updated to OBS 29.0.0 on M1 MacBook Pro. I believe I used the ARM version. I did it twice to make sure. I Updated the iOS Camera since that was totally broke from 28.x Camera works! Audio.... not so much. The Audio Mixer shows a meter for the iOS Camera but there seems to be a shadow on the...
  2. valorcards

    iPhone refuses to work via USB

    I bought a new CPU running Windows 11. I have an iPhone 13, I have added the iOS camera plugin, watched every video possible. Tried installing the plug-in with the installer and manually copying and pasting into my OBS main files. I bought a second webcam but the iphone with the OBS camera app...
  3. F

    New Update & IOS Camera Source Gone HELP

    Hello! The new update wiped out my IOS Camera source and I am no longer able to find it on the source list or edit the properties on my current ios camera source. The screen is black and not registering my ios device when plugged in. If anyone knows of a solution, that would be extremely...

    Using Wired (PTZ) Sources and WiFi (iOS via NDI) Sources Together

    Trying to confirm whether it's possible to use a combination of both wired and wifi sources at the same time. The system is PC-based with 3 hardwired PTZ cameras. Trying to add handheld cameras using the NDI Plug-In and NDI app on iOS devices. There is no wifi adapter currently installed but...
  5. T

    iOS camera

    I can't find iOS camera source, could you fix this for me? this log file link:
  6. M

    Question / Help OBS Camera plug in for iPad video freezes then only sends Audio.

    Hello, I am Using OBS Camera IOS app and successfully had used my iPad Mini2. But it seems after update to IOS 12.4.7 I get the video freezes then only sends audio. Using USB cables swapped with iPhone11pro running the same app works like a charm. The Built camera is working just fine. I...
  7. F

    Question / Help iOS not available in SOURCES MENU

    Hi everyone, There is no iOS button in SOURCES Menu. Do you know how to fix this ? macOS Mojave 10.14.5, and I have OBS Studio App Thank you all. Fabien
  8. M

    Question / Help iOs OBS camera with OBS doesn't sync with audio interface

    I started streaming since a few weeks back. I saw the option to use your Iphone as a camera in your livestream. So i did some tests but it was not satisfying. I am using an usb audio interface (behringer xr18) for my audio input for the livestream. But is the audio is not in sync with the camera...
  9. A

    Question / Help IOS Camera to OBS using NDI, video output issue

    Hi, I couldn't find any solution to my problem as of now. So here is my setup. I have an iphone with ios camera for OBS app and i am connecting it to my OBS in desktop. When I connect is via usb, it works fine. I can see the video output but when I switch to NDI over 5ghz wifi, I'm having...
  10. K

    Question / Help Use what OBS records from my camera's microphone as audio input for voice chatting

    Hello! A newbie here. I bought the app iOS Camera for OBS and I would to use it as a webcam, of course Win10 can't recognize it as a webcam so I'm using OBS VirtualCam plugin and they are working very good together, but there is a problem with the audio. Win10 doesn't recognize OBS as a...