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    iOS camera

    I can't find iOS camera source, could you fix this for me? this log file link:
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    Question / Help OBS Camera plug in for iPad video freezes then only sends Audio.

    Hello, I am Using OBS Camera IOS app and successfully had used my iPad Mini2. But it seems after update to IOS 12.4.7 I get the video freezes then only sends audio. Using USB cables swapped with iPhone11pro running the same app works like a charm. The Built camera is working just fine. I...
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    Question / Help iOS not available in SOURCES MENU

    Hi everyone, There is no iOS button in SOURCES Menu. Do you know how to fix this ? macOS Mojave 10.14.5, and I have OBS Studio App Thank you all. Fabien
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    Question / Help iOs OBS camera with OBS doesn't sync with audio interface

    I started streaming since a few weeks back. I saw the option to use your Iphone as a camera in your livestream. So i did some tests but it was not satisfying. I am using an usb audio interface (behringer xr18) for my audio input for the livestream. But is the audio is not in sync with the camera...
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    Question / Help IOS Camera to OBS using NDI, video output issue

    Hi, I couldn't find any solution to my problem as of now. So here is my setup. I have an iphone with ios camera for OBS app and i am connecting it to my OBS in desktop. When I connect is via usb, it works fine. I can see the video output but when I switch to NDI over 5ghz wifi, I'm having...
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    Question / Help Use what OBS records from my camera's microphone as audio input for voice chatting

    Hello! A newbie here. I bought the app iOS Camera for OBS and I would to use it as a webcam, of course Win10 can't recognize it as a webcam so I'm using OBS VirtualCam plugin and they are working very good together, but there is a problem with the audio. Win10 doesn't recognize OBS as a...