Question / Help IOS Camera to OBS using NDI, video output issue


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I couldn't find any solution to my problem as of now. So here is my setup.
I have an iphone with ios camera for OBS app and i am connecting it to my OBS in desktop.
When I connect is via usb, it works fine. I can see the video output but when I switch to NDI over 5ghz wifi, I'm having issue.

I can see the device on the list but after selecting it, I don't see any output.


I've checked every troubleshoot I found on threads, using private network, allowing it in firewall, etc.

what I do observe is this, my Desktop is connected to the router via LAN cable, and the iphone is via wifi.
I took a laptop with wifi capability to try out if the video will show if I use the same wifi and to my suprise, it works.
the video shows if I am connected to the same wifi as my iphone. But when I tried plugging in a LAN cable to the same laptop, I lost the video and it is now the same situation with the desktop.

Note: The LAN is connected to the same wifi router I am connecting with.

So I guess, there should be something set up to my LAN network to make this work.
any thoughts?



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I have the same problem.

It works on my old MacBook Pro (MBP9,2 mid2012, macOS Mojave 10.14.6)
with iPad and iPhone parallel and a third USB-Camera.
(OBS 25.0.8 / ndi-runtime-4.5.1 / OBS-ndi-plugin-4.9.0)

Tried the same setup on a MacPro (MacPro6,1 late2013, macOS Catalina 10.15.5)
Result is no video-input with the OBS-ndi-plugin.
NDI-video-monitor works.

I cloned my System from the MacBookPro and booted it on the MacPro.
Same result like the 2nd setup.

what causes this behavior? the processor architecture or any other hardware?



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I tried it again with the "cloned" system on an older MacPro. same result. no picture.

I tried today an older runtime: ndi-runtime-4.0.0-macOS.pkg ( -> )
and it worked on the newer MacPro again. As well i connected my iPad as a second NDI-Source but this did not worked, i could not figure out, yet. Maybe it was just a bad/slow wifi.

A: The Software. It looks like the runtime has a problem.

good luck


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@amsPOPO - is your WiFi connection to a guest network?
I can't be certain, but this sure sounds like a consumer grade (home) router with standard/security settings which prevent WiFi clients talking to local wired LAN ports... so make sure you router has a stable firmware, free of compromise (lots of older routers have known vulnerabilities that vendors don't fix) and that you have set up WiFi properly. It could be your router is incapable of routing the required packets from WiFi to wired LAN (due to poor design/firmware)?? depends on specific model/firmware, etc