OBS disconnecting and reconnecting whilst streaming

I've been streaming on Twitch for about 6 months and have recently in the last week started having Twitch show me as offline despite not ending a stream, and being shown a notification that OBS has disconnected and is trying to re-connect. Each stream it's happened in has been at different times so I can't see any pattern in it and am a bit lost on how to fix the issue. I've attached a couple of log files from a stream this happened in, I'm not sure why there's 2 but there's 2 lol!


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Take a look at your logs - see all that streamlements related errors. those aren't helping, if not the actual root cause

Longer answer - it could be one, or a combination, of a hundred+ factors. some of which woudl be outside your ability to directly monitor (like ISP modem thru ISP routers, likely Internet Public Peering points, etc...
At a minimum, doing real-time monitoring of your PC and local lan, including router/modem (to make sure no conflicting outbound bandwidth contention).

Though with your log, I'm suspecting streamelements induced time-outs
Though, and here I'm only shooting in the dark, the Audio device errors I suspect mean you should take a look at the Windows Audio sub-system and disable Audio you never use (like Audio out on a monitor?)


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Besides the pestered error logs from streamelements they don't fix, you shouldn't use wifi as is not reliable: