OBS No longer Priority? (Admin Mode)


New Member
Hello all, I'm new to the OBS Forums but I've ran into an issue that I'd like to see if anyone else if having the problem or if it's dedicated to my machine. I streamed all through 2021 running all sorts of games with Admin mode enabled on OBS so that the GPU would be prioritised to that first before the game making recordings and streaming at 60fps pretty fluid.

I've recently got back into recording and playing F1 2021 in particular. still Running OBS in admin mode but it has since been updated and now if I have uncapped frames on F1 2021 it causes major stuttering and render lag on the recording/stream but no issue with slow down within the game.

This makes me wonder if OBS Admin mode fix has either been broken or no longer exists with my GPU (RTX 2080) Running Nvenc... this has only recently started happening and I can only see OBS updates as the culprit. What does everyone think?