YouTube stream maintains 60 fps for about 15-20 minutes, then drops to < 30

Busta Uppa

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Hello all and thanks all for this resource!

I'm running OBS Studio on a WIndows 10 laptop, capturing external video from game consoles and streaming live to YouTube. The stream maintains 60 fps for a while but then drops to around 23 fps after a length of time, usually 15-20 minutes but sometimes earlier.

Before the big drop I've noticed it will start to struggle and dip a little bit to 48-55 fps; during this time I can do things like disable the webcam in the scene to get it back to 60 fps.

But then once that "big drop" occurs it is stuck at ~30 fps, regardless of how many other scene elements I have.

Hoping the log can provide some insight. If there's any other helpful info I can provide to assist please let me know. Thank you!


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Were you able to understand the problem? It also happens to me sometimes, when streaming games. My doubt is why I alt-tab the game but I'm not sure