1. R

    How to do multiple streams on YouTube using obs?

    Hi guys i think i kind of know the answer but i would like to know if i am right or missing something here. In my humble opinion, i think i can install virtualbox software and have two virtual machines each running obs on them. Then i can go ahead and do multiple streams on the same channel but...
  2. K

    Can you broadcast a facebook call when streaming thru youtube?

    Hi, is there anyway to stream a Facebook call thru obs when your streaming live on youtube?
  3. M

    Cannot play videos in PowerPoint when recording using OBS

    I am trying to record a presentation with me speaking over the top. So far this has been fine, I can see myself and my slides, and they move on the recording when I click through the slides by having the PowerPoint in 'browsed by an individual' slideshow mode. However, my presentation has...
  4. I

    Stream a Impress presentation with OBS to Youtube

    Hello! I have a problem. I want to capture a Libre Office Impress presentation through an OBS window and stream to youtube but it doesn't, it is not posible to watch through the video. Is it possible to show this way the presentation? (Watch minute 45:44 to 46:41
  5. S

    Youtube decreases my bitrate to 8000.

    Before, I’ve always been streaming on 16000. But now when I start streaming, bitrate in OBS drops to 8000, and causes frame loss to 50%. I’ve tried many options, and here what I’ve noticed: -I’ve tried streaming on my channel from my other PC, with the same OBS settings. And everything was good...
  6. M

    Debuting a Music Video Premiere Followed by a Live Q&A

    Hello there, my fellow OBS. Unfortunately I am still new to OBS, the forum, and the community so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong forum. A few months back I filmed and edited a music video for a friend of mine. Now it's time to release it and we were wondering ways to debut it. One of...
  7. J

    OBS & YouTube

    Appologies if this is the wrong section... Been streaming from OBS to YouTube Live regularly for about a year. Recently, I've been having to create a new Stream Key every time I go live. I've even checked the Stream Key. It stays the same in OBS settings. It matches what YouTube Studio shows...
  8. T

    In OBS Live - YouTube chat monitoring not working

    Hey so I'm having a problem, I'm using OBS live and I want to monitor my chat in it, however when I go live the chat window starts flashing and does not display my chat feed. So I am forced to minimize obs on my second monitor and have my youtube studio open to monitor my chat. is there a fix...
  9. A

    Constantly Dropping Frames

    Hi everyone! I am fairly new to OBS and to streaming in general. I actually just started when COVID hit the US back in March. We are streaming our church services now every week and for a while I had no issues with dropped frames. Each stream is around an hour and a half and for a while we would...
  10. W

    No Livestream Audio

    We only Livestream our service once a week & it has worked perfectly for a couple of months now. 2 weeks ago we lost the audio. We run a feed from our soundboard into the camera & it brings both video & audio to the computer using UTAP devices. The levels indicate audio signal at the camera...
  11. X


    new to the forums so bare with me. Ive been toying with my settings for about a year now and should be more than capable of streaming 1080p 60fps (or more if possible I know YT compresses it to that anyways) and I cannot seem to understand how to tweak my settings to get the best quality...
  12. N

    Display Capture - Online videos freeze while audio plays on background

    Hi there, I am new using the OBS. I have set up Display Capture, Audio Input Capture and Audio Output capture. When playing back a recording I've noticed that You Tube videos though the recording are frozen while the audio keeps playing on the background. Any help would be much appreciated...
  13. N

    Screen Record Not Completely Filling The Screen

    Hi, I am trying to make a gta v tutorial and struggling a lot. When I go to check the video, it only fills the top left quarter of the screen. For some reason this only happens on gta and not anything else. Can someone please help?
  14. B

    OBS + atem mini + youtube random audio desync

    Hi Guys, I promise I'll manage to upload my log file, but right now I'm away from the computer which hosts the streaming. I'm stuck during the setup of a 3 cams streaming in my recording studio. I have 3 cameras (a gopro hero3, gh5, and panasonic hcv180) connected to my atem mini, audio is...
  15. H

    How do I turn off youtube hotkeys

    Hello! How do I turn off the youtube hotkeys? Sometimes I show clips straight off of youtube. I had Hotkeys set up on my keypad, but everytime I hit a number to change scenes it would also trigger the youtube hot dkey. So I moved the hotkey scenes to the line numbers and youtube has now...
  16. patkhoo

    Free YTCP (YouTube Control Panel) 2020-09-22

    YTCP (YouTube Control Panel) allows you to load YouTube in one browser window (the Player) and then control its playback/video/etc from a second browser window (the Controller). In addition, the Player will play the video in full screen mode automatically, and not in a small window. Here are two...
  17. A

    Settings for YouTube videos

    Hello, I want to record the screen and my voice to publish it on YouTube and I want the best settings for obs , condition that the file size is not huge. I want to record an hour and the file size is 1giga , for example. I do not want the quality to be wow but acceptable
  18. S

    OBS Disconnecting and Reconnecting on YouTube Live (first stream)

    Hello! I usually stream on Twitch so I know how OBS works in regards to stream health and internet connection. My first time ever trying to use my OBS software with YouTube live appears to be having some serious issues. My internet connection is good and solid (at least my speed test says it...
  19. N

    Recording / streaming a video and commenting it (youtube or local file) shows an image every X seconds only

    Hi all, Logfile Link: I am sorry for the 'strange' title, but I honestly couldn't find other words to describe my problem. I am pretty ok with creating scenes and sources, but when it comes to the video / audio advanced settings of OBS, I have to...
  20. Nairem Legacy

    Need a helping hand.

    I have been configuring my settings all night and I can not get it to work. I am trying to stream to YouTube with obs and every time I do I notice on the YouTube live stream window that my stream is lagging behind on YouTube compared to what I am doing in game there is like a delay of 5-6...