1. D

    Heavey pixelating while streaming, even with a decent PC.

    Hello everyone, I have a question. I have an PC with the following loadout: - Ryzen 5 2600 - Sapphire 590 8GB - 16 GB GDDR4 RAM 2666 - 1 TB external HDD - 120 GB SSD My OBS settings aren't that high. I stream in 720p/60 FPS with an 3000 Kpbs. Encoder is H.264/ veryfast. Audio is streamed at...
  2. C

    OBS Copyright

    I m wondering if this has any copyright on it. If I used it to screen record my YouTube videos, would I need permission?
  3. M

    Can I stream from WebEx to OBS to YouTube?

    I am very new to streaming and OBS. I would like to stream a pre-recorded video from OBS to YouTube. Once that pre-recorded video is done playing I would like to stream a live Q&A from WebEx on to my OBS Stream that is streaming on YouTube. Does anyone know if this is even possible?
  4. D

    Total beginner Multi-Cam Livestream

    Hello All, I am doing research on how to effectively and efficiently begin hosting multi-cam stream live music events from a venue in Nashville. Everyone on our team here would be considered total beginners with any type of streaming hard/software other than the occasional FB Live streams that...
  5. patball

    Question / Help OBS + YT - how to extract a single comment and show it on the screen?

    Hey guys. I'm making streams on YouTube thru OBS. During streams there are some questions on the chat. Is there any tool or plugin or something which could help me to extract a single comment and show it on the screen? Maybe do u have some tips?
  6. J

    Question / Help No audio in youtube live stream

    We are running our live stream through obs and atem mini on windows PC, but once in every 10 stream we make, the audio is not being sent to YouTube when it goes live. But the monitor and output is audible at OBS. And then we have to to stop the streaming at OBS and restart obs then it's all...
  7. K

    Question / Help whats the best recording and best quality settings for 1080p 60fps

    i just started doing youtube and my quality is really bad and it would be great if someone could help me with my settings and ms is 10 ping and download mbps is 92.33 and my upload mbps is 5.91 . and i am recording fortnite thank you !! logs ;
  8. S

    Question / Help Problems while streaming on Twitch but not on YT

    Hello, I wanted to stream on Twitch so i set bitrate to 3500 (stream in 720p 30fps). But i'm constantly losing fps. Turning on the dynamic bitrate helps a little and eliminates fps drop problem, but bitrate drops to average 1500kbps and the output looks awful and blurry during major movements...
  9. R

    Question / Help Terribly blurry video. New dSLR, New Computer, Reinstall complete, HELP!

    I have been trying like mad to get decent video quality for live streaming to YouTube. This is for business purposes. We live stream to our customers on YouTube. I used to have a Nikon D5300 going straight to the computer and being captured with SparkoCam. It was derated due to the hardware. So...
  10. Scoobymenace

    Question / Help Recent 3 hour recording was 200Gb? Is that normal?

    So I recently recorded 3 hours of gameplay using Nvidia NVENC x264 (new) using CQP with a CQ of 16 - All other settings were the ones recommended via the guide found on this forum. My question is, is this a normal size for these settings? Also considering I'll be uploading them to Youtube after...
  11. Brellyn Sinclare

    Question / Help Streaming 60fps 4k to youtube, but playback is 30fps.

    Video is set for 3840x2160 and 60fps. No errors from Youtube, stream is healthy. When I play back the video, it's clearly 4k 30fps. Everything is set right and no software is complaining, yet the end result is incorrect. I think...
  12. S

    Question / Help Restream after internet lag

    Hello! I've been looking for answer on my question but unfortunately I haven't find it :( I am using OBS for making live streams from different outside events. I am aware that it is not recommended to use mobile network, but right now I don't have better solution. During my streams, sometimes...
  13. JustStephh

    Question / Help Audio Ducking while Recording

    Hey everyone! So I have been searching EVERYWHERE for an answer and I haven't found one. I figure why not go to the source right? So here goes, I have been using OBS to record gameplay, as we all know the standard software that comes with the elgato capture card is okay, but it OBS has great...
  14. L

    Question / Help Window Capture not finding Powerpoint?

    Hello All I hope your all well and good. Im trying to setup live lessons for children on youtube. I've watched a tone of Youtube vids on how to setup a powerpoint on my obs youtube live stream. Unfortunately when i try to window capture my powerpoint presentation doesn't appear as a option...
  15. B

    Question / Help Resolution for non-game screen capture YouTube video

    I'm new to OBS. I want to create a series of 5-10 minute YouTube videos. Each video will be a screen capture alternating between a PowerPoint slide presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, an MS-Access database, a browser (Chrome), etc. I'll run each of those in maximized (full screen) windows and...
  16. K

    Question / Help LiveStream Setup Recommendations

    Good morning gang! I'm doing some research for my church. We'd like to Livestream to YouTube and possibly Facebook at the same time. Does anyone have any recommended hardware/software setups to make that happen? We are looking into different cameras and hardware but, the main requirement is that...
  17. B

    Question / Help Help my stream settings really good but it looks really bad still

    So, i use high stream settings but youtube stream still looks horrible to watch. any suggestions on what to do. Current OBS settings: Output- NVENC (new) Rate control-CBR Bitrate-23000 Keyframe-2 Preset-Quality Profile-High Lookahead-Off Pshyco visual tuning-ON Gpu-0 Max b-frames-2. Heres an...
  18. G

    Question / Help Which values are important in OBS?

    Hi, My question is which values are particularly important in order to be able to stream and record on OBS with good quality. I've heard that CUDA cores should be the most important values. Is that correct? Please no answers like -All are important .... My graphics card: RX 580 8GB I thank...
  19. F

    Bug Report Failed to connect to the server

    Hey, from a couple of days when I try to 'Start Streaming', OBS says "Failed to connect to the server". - both with YouTube and Twitch - stream keys and server links are correct - I have tried every option in 'Bind to IP' - Firewall gives full access to OBS - with any Vodafone sim (streaming...
  20. O

    Question / Help OBS Web Browser not Google Secure

    Trying to sign in to my google account as I have in the past using the web browser built into OBS so I may occasionally show music videos with my channel bot without ads as I have YouTube Premium, but since the first of this year I get a message saying that the browser is not secure and won't...