1. T1GlistenerElf

    OBS dropping 2/3s of frames, but only on YouTube.

    First of all, thank you in advance for your help. Four hours into a stream on YouTube, OBS began dropping around 65.8% of frames. At the time, I didn't know what it was, and so I tried the ever-so-tech-savvy tactic of turning it off and on again, both for OBS and by restarting my computer. I...
  2. C

    New to Streaming, OBS disconnecting after Bitrate drops to 0

    I am new to all of this. I have used OBS to record and upload videos to Youtube with no issues a year ago but I just tried to stream starting a week ago. I followed tutorials for setting up OBS for my Macbook Pro M1 to stream to YouTube. I recently switch ISP from Xfinity to Verizon Fios and...
  3. S

    Good bitrate on twitch, but not on youtube

    I stream on youtube (YouTube - RTMPS, Primary YouTube ingest server) and tried everything but the maximum bitrate I can get is 4000 kbps and sometimes it is unstable. Then I tried streaming on twitch and my bitrate can be stable at 6000 kbps (maximum bitrate). Does anyone know why?
  4. brookielove44

    Best File Format for Recordings to Save as in OBS?

    I wanted to make a YouTube video by recording on my OBS. I'm just not sure what format to have the video file save as. What type is best?
  5. M

    Can't get smooth stream output no matter what I do.

    Hey everyone I'm currently testing out OBS stream settings for an upcoming Elden Ring stream I have planned, and it seems that no matter what I do I keep getting very subtle micro stutters watching the stream back on youtube. I came here cause I've seen a lot of people find solutions off of...
  6. DoctorAm1r

    Free Youtube Music Desktop Application - Capture Audio OBS

    Introducing YouTube Music Desktop Application - Audio Capture! [Open Source] Attention all streamers and music enthusiasts! I am excited to announce the launch of YouTube Music Desktop Application V1, a sleek desktop application designed to revolutionize the way you capture music from YouTube...
  7. C

    Starting a YouTube stream from an offsite computer

    Hello everyone, For some quick context, a local concert band I am a part of wants to stream their upcoming performance. The setup is rather bare-bones, consisting of a Mac w/ OBS and audio and video inputs through an Atem Mini Pro Blackmagic Design switcher. I have linked the band's YouTube...
  8. Woxen

    OBS breaks sizes of panels

    OBS UI needs a rework for a many of reasons but this one is really annoying. As I showed in the video, the problem is happening only with YouTube service selected and an account connected, if you don't connect your account - the controls panel (where you can start streaming/recording) will stay...
  9. C

    Ideal encoding settings for real-life content

    Hi, I'm streaming a show that uses a hardware vision mixer to mix cameras together, then OBS will stream this and any other videos we wish to play to YouTube. We have an i5 13600k and RTX 3060Ti. How can I ensure that I am getting the highest quality possible, particularly for irl content...
  10. Omegadev

    Free Music on stream - A web based current song / now playing overlay

    This Chrome extension lets you display a now-playing overlay on your stream from sources such as Spotify, YouTube, YouTube music, and many more. Installation The installation is straightforward and is detailed here Why use it? - The extension supports both YouTube chapters and video...
  11. WalkTheEarth

    OBS Crashed mid stream.

    My OBS crashed. i was in the middle of streaming onto youtube. (at this point i have streamed over a day of video (max in one stream being 10hrs)) and, after me accidently closing JQuake, OBS did so too. (but globalquake didnt?) crash log attached.
  12. R

    2 PC Setup with Audio Errors Streaming to YouTube

    I have a 2 PC setup: PC1 - Game and Stream Machine AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D 64GB DDR 5 RAM Video Card is Radeon RX 7900XTX Tai Chi 2.5Ghz network card 43 inch 4k screen PC2 - Record Machine AMD Ryzen 9 7900X 64GB DDR 5 RAM Video Card Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070Ti 2.5Ghz network card 43 inch 4k screen...
  13. marty61playz

    Youtube stream crashes randomly when playing State of Decay 2

    Youtube stream just randomly goes offline. OBS stream stopped. Only happens when playing State of Decay 2. First happened March 5th; has happened every time since. Is there a tool I can use to try and track this event or are there other people having the same or similar issue and know of a...
  14. C

    OBS not streaming

    I want to make a stream on YouTube, but OBS wont let me. It claims that I "Live streaming is not enmabled on the selected YouTube channel". At first that was indeed true, but after activating that, OBS still does not let me Stream on YouTube. What can I do to fix this?
  15. D

    OBS not sending any data to server

    Hello everyone! Wondering if you could help me out figuring this problem here. So, I tried to setup OBS to stream to Youtube. I used to stream on twitch for about 1.5 years but life was busy enough. To the actual problem now. Basically when I set the broadcast and hit start streaming... nothing...
  16. P

    YouTube Fixed Link

    Hi, Thank you for the great OBS. I am creating a live stream to YouTube, Is it possible to have a fixed YouTube Live Stream URL. I am using a WordPress plugin to post the stream to my site; and its difficult to update the URL every time I create new stream! Best regards, Thank you
  17. Frunobulax

    HLS streaming on Youtube not working; network frames being lost

    So, I have this weird situation. RTMPS streams for Youtube work flawlessly (250mbps upload, stream set to 9500kbps), but when I change the configuration to HLS, it just doesn't work. OBS informs network frames being lost at 90%+ - rendering/encoding is unaffected. I have even tried opening the...
  18. RP-Dizzle

    [Frames Instantly Drop - Bitrate fluctuates from 0 to 3000kbps] Twitch works; Youtube does not

    Hello OBS community, After a six month hiatus, I wanted to begin streaming on my YouTube (YT) channel again. However, a week ago ago, I encountered a stubborn issue that has stopped me dead in my tracks. The issue is that from the moment I begin the YT stream, my frames immediately drop due to...
  19. citymanlive

    Youtube Shorts LIVE

    YouTube has added Shorts livestreams. Has there been any way for Shorts to broadcast from OBS? IF so, we can post more info here when we can. Thanks everyone!
  20. D

    YouTube Stream looks muddy/blurry/pixelated although I have very good internet and settings in OBS

    Hello, I have the following set-up for streaming on YouTube in 4k 60fps: PC with the specs: 4060ti, Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB RAM Internet with the following "specs": 915 Mbps Download | 945 Mbps Upload AverMedia Live Gamer 4k Capture Card connected to my PC and my PS5 PS5 which I stream games from...