1. citymanlive

    Youtube Shorts LIVE

    YouTube has added Shorts livestreams. Has there been any way for Shorts to broadcast from OBS? IF so, we can post more info here when we can. Thanks everyone!
  2. D

    YouTube Stream looks muddy/blurry/pixelated although I have very good internet and settings in OBS

    Hello, I have the following set-up for streaming on YouTube in 4k 60fps: PC with the specs: 4060ti, Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB RAM Internet with the following "specs": 915 Mbps Download | 945 Mbps Upload AverMedia Live Gamer 4k Capture Card connected to my PC and my PS5 PS5 which I stream games from...
  3. S

    OBS no longer recognizes live streaming of Youtube

    助けてください。 別のアカウントに接続してストリーミングし、その後メイン アカウントに接続すると、「選択した YouTube チャンネルではライブ ストリーミングが有効になっていません。 すべての YouTube の「機能の権利」が有効になっています。 「機能の利用資格」が有効になってから 24 時間以上経過しています。 OBSを再インストールしましたが状況は変わりませんでした。
  4. S

    error message showing cannot connect to youtube server when attempting to connect obs through youtube service

    hi everyone, im in the process of trying to start streaming small and short videos of my gameplay of msfs 2020 cause im a beginner at this. i c the stream key where it says start streaming and i go to click it and it says go to settings and enter url and stream key so i go to the streaming...
  5. I

    YouTube Streaming choose account?

    When setting up YouTube streaming in OBS, it "recommends" to connect account. When I do that, however, it just shows my primary account. How do I "switch accounts" to a different account that I am a manger of? I'm trying to stream to the company account, not my personal one. Or do I just need...
  6. M

    Cannot find 'Connect Account' button in OBS 30.0 Ubuntu Snap

    Trying to setup streaming for YouTube in OBS Studio 30.0 that I installed on Ubuntu 23.04 via SNAP. I have my streaming key from YouTube. In OBS 'Settings' section I have selected YouTube RTMPS as the Service, Primary YouTube Ingest Server as the Server, entered the Stream Key, hit Apply then...
  7. H

    Connecting to alternate YouTube account/channel

    I have been using OBS successfully to stream our church services for a few weeks. However, I have realised that the Live stream is appearing on the Tech account we use for the streaming computer, rather than our main Church YouTube channel. The tech account has access to the main account /...
  8. I

    Record FL Studio with Focusrite.

    Hi, I want to upload content of making beats to YouTube in FL Studio but my problem is that i have the focusrite Scarlett solo. when ever im In fl studio and i try to record something there is no audio.. any idea how to fix it? been trying to fix that for a long time and watch tutorials but...
  9. L

    YouTube Stream Skips

    When I stream on YouTube, it often skips. I can see OBS temporarily disconnects about every 10 to 15 seconds, for about 5 seconds each. In my YouTube control panel, it often complains about no data being received, or not enough video data even though video is being consistently shown. Output...
  10. N

    Streaming to a managed YouTube channel.

    I am trying to set my obs client up to stream to a channel that my YouTube account is a manager for, but I'm not seeing any way to switch what channel the broadcast manager goes to. Is this a feature that's still in the works, am I just missing a step, or is the only way to get this to work is...
  11. El Schändus

    Youtube Stream Pixelated with AMD AV1 30k Bitrate

    Hey there, so i've been trying for months to improve my stream quality on Youtube but it simply does not work the way i imagined it. My problem is that my stream looks way too pixelated for the hardware and settings i use. Here's just a random timestamp from a random stream...
  12. EvryGama

    Set up OBS to not create stream description possible?

    Hello together, as I updated to the latest OBS Studio version, now each time I want to start a new stream on Youtube automatically a window pops up forcing me to create a video description. -> I don't want that! I want to be able to create my planned stream as always through the youtube page...
  13. S

    OBS Python viewer-subscriber-counter (Youtube and Twitch) 0.2

    Overview This OBS script displays live viewer counts on YouTube and Twitch, as well as the total number of YouTube subscribers and Twitch followers. It was originally developed for a client but has been expanded and improved for broader use. Note: The YouTube subscriber count may not be exact...
  14. A

    Youtube Stream not loading

    I start my stream, everything in the green zone, but when i go on youtube to watch the stream id doesnt load. or even if it did it will be only for a short moment then start to load again... plus... the stream quality its also not great and i really dont know why because i have over 40mbits...
  15. T

    Embedding meta tags in Youtube live stream: already available? Possible to add?

    Hello I know that YouTube has options for submitting and presenting 3D video. To get the most use out of it you need to send a 32 * 9 side by side video and then add some meta tags to the video that you send. However instructions only cover pre-made videos. I'm trying to do a live stream on...
  16. F

    New Multi Livestream Setup

    Hello, I am new to this so please forgive my ignorance if I get anything wrong, or make incorrect assumptions. I will try to explain what I am trying to achieve as best as I can. I am in the UK from a sports club. We want to create a livestream for each sports pitch we have - 3 in total. The...
  17. jimpalompa

    Automated YouTube chat Browser source

    I'm looking for some sort of way to automatically update a Browser source URL whenever I start a new stream on YouTube. I can see that the built in YouTube chat dock in OBS automatically gets updated to the correct current chat url when a new stream is started. Today I have to manually copy the...
  18. A

    Problem: Sound in internal recordings can only be heard correctly via some speakers or headphones

    I have the following problem: In some recordings from OBS, the sound is not output correctly or not at all via cell phone or laptop speakers. However, when I use an external speaker or headphones on my cell phone, laptop or PC, the sound is output correctly. This has happened to me for the...
  19. D

    1080p youtube stream blur

    Hi! I decided to make another thread just to try to understand is there any chanse to have clear smooth 1080p stream on youtube? I tried recommnded by youtube 9000kbps. All high settings in obs ;
  20. G

    Low Gain in YouTube?

    Hello community! I've been using OBS for professional streaming for many years. I'm quite happy with it, great tool! (I made my donation thou haha) Nevertheless, I do find an issue while streaming to YouTube from OBS. I have the feeling that the audio is quite low in the streaming compared to...