1. S

    Question / Help Restream after internet lag

    Hello! I've been looking for answer on my question but unfortunately I haven't find it :( I am using OBS for making live streams from different outside events. I am aware that it is not recommended to use mobile network, but right now I don't have better solution. During my streams, sometimes...
  2. JustStephh

    Question / Help Audio Ducking while Recording

    Hey everyone! So I have been searching EVERYWHERE for an answer and I haven't found one. I figure why not go to the source right? So here goes, I have been using OBS to record gameplay, as we all know the standard software that comes with the elgato capture card is okay, but it OBS has great...
  3. L

    Question / Help Window Capture not finding Powerpoint?

    Hello All I hope your all well and good. Im trying to setup live lessons for children on youtube. I've watched a tone of Youtube vids on how to setup a powerpoint on my obs youtube live stream. Unfortunately when i try to window capture my powerpoint presentation doesn't appear as a option...
  4. B

    Question / Help Resolution for non-game screen capture YouTube video

    I'm new to OBS. I want to create a series of 5-10 minute YouTube videos. Each video will be a screen capture alternating between a PowerPoint slide presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, an MS-Access database, a browser (Chrome), etc. I'll run each of those in maximized (full screen) windows and...
  5. K

    Question / Help LiveStream Setup Recommendations

    Good morning gang! I'm doing some research for my church. We'd like to Livestream to YouTube and possibly Facebook at the same time. Does anyone have any recommended hardware/software setups to make that happen? We are looking into different cameras and hardware but, the main requirement is that...
  6. B

    Question / Help Help my stream settings really good but it looks really bad still

    So, i use high stream settings but youtube stream still looks horrible to watch. any suggestions on what to do. Current OBS settings: Output- NVENC (new) Rate control-CBR Bitrate-23000 Keyframe-2 Preset-Quality Profile-High Lookahead-Off Pshyco visual tuning-ON Gpu-0 Max b-frames-2. Heres an...
  7. G

    Question / Help Which values are important in OBS?

    Hi, My question is which values are particularly important in order to be able to stream and record on OBS with good quality. I've heard that CUDA cores should be the most important values. Is that correct? Please no answers like -All are important .... My graphics card: RX 580 8GB I thank...
  8. F

    Bug Report Failed to connect to the server

    Hey, from a couple of days when I try to 'Start Streaming', OBS says "Failed to connect to the server". - both with YouTube and Twitch - stream keys and server links are correct - I have tried every option in 'Bind to IP' - Firewall gives full access to OBS - with any Vodafone sim (streaming...
  9. O

    Question / Help OBS Web Browser not Google Secure

    Trying to sign in to my google account as I have in the past using the web browser built into OBS so I may occasionally show music videos with my channel bot without ads as I have YouTube Premium, but since the first of this year I get a message saying that the browser is not secure and won't...
  10. O

    Question / Help NDI Causes lag on Youtube w/OBS

    Everytime I use the NDI while trying to stream my podcast on Youtube I get either crazy amount of lag, or the stream tells me there is an error. I can stream just fine without having my guest over NDI. Is it skype that is giving me these issues? Is it my Mac being just outdated?? (specs...
  11. K

    Question / Help 10000 kbps is too much for 720p 60 Youtube stream ?

    Hi all, This is my first post in OBS forum. I am streaming APEX Legends to Youtube at 720p 60 FPS using NVENC new with RTX 2080ti for encoding (using Ryzen 3700X as the processor). So I've referred this resource which saying use 6000kbps for 720p 60fps streaming. On the other hand, I've read...
  12. A

    Question / Help Youtube stream sometimes skip frames

    Hello everyone, Does anyone noticed freezing screen at Youtube stream lately? My viewers are complaining that sometimes they have screen freeze for few secconds (audio is ok). The problem is that this happened without any pattern and not everyone having this problem. Sometimes one person can...
  13. N

    Question / Help Zwift Game Capture

    Afternoon I have a Alienware GeForce GTX1060 with i7-6700 2.6ghz. Using OBS to video capture edit on iMovie and uploading to YouTube. Results are good but noticed video a little grainy in places. Any suggestions. O the resolution in game is 2560x1440. Thanks. Attached is a video from this...
  14. A

    Question / Help OBS Audio Output to Youtube LOW

    Hello, I am currently having an issue with the audio level for my youtube stream. My setup is an AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 plugged into a PC. I have a camera running to the capture card, and the audio is fed separately into the card from a mixer. I have tried adjusting the audio levels...
  15. R

    Bug Report OBS Youtube Livestream Audio Delay due to Superchats and Membership

    Hi there, I really have a weird one here. Whenever I start a Youtube Livestream using OBS it works with the audio 100% in sync, however, whenever a Superchat or new Membership comes through on the livestream, that creates a countdown bar at the top of the Youtube comments then the audio goes...
  16. J

    Question / Help 720p60fps Stream is blurry in all aspect on i9-9900k + RTX 2070 Super

    I'm trying to optimize my streams since one month so there's a lot of try hard I finally gave up and asking community forum for help. When I'm standing some where its okey but if I start moving its goes blur like MINECRAFT. A complete pixellation. I have a pretty decent rig for streaming. I play...
  17. M

    Question / Help No Window Capture for Google Chrome!

    I can't enable window capture for Google Chrome, what do I do?
  18. P

    Question / Help Question about multiple video streams on youtube

    Hi, I have a question about streaming multiple videos to youtube. I have ohbubble vpn and currently I am running one 24/7 livestream of my music, but can I make more streams using the same vpn and the same obs? Do I have to rent another vpn, or maybe run one livestream on obs and other on...
  19. AmadeusRings

    Bug Report OBS Boots me from both Facebook and Youtube MID-Stream

    Greetings, I tried Googling a solution and could not find one. I've tried lowering my bitrate, reinstalling OBS, etc. I've been trying to stream a game for the past week and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get a consistent stream. It seems to be at random. Attached is an error log. Could...
  20. M

    Question / Help Keine Verbimdung zum (YOUTUBE)-Server!

    Hallo, bin mit meinem Latein am Ende. Habe in OBS den Encoder-Key aus YouTube übernommen und x-mal überprüft!! Jedesmal wenn ich den Stream zum YouTube-Server starte bekomme ich kurz darauf die Meldung: "Verbindung zum Server fehlgeschlagen" Wer kann helfen?