Debuting a Music Video Premiere Followed by a Live Q&A


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Hello there, my fellow OBS.

Unfortunately I am still new to OBS, the forum, and the community so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong forum.
A few months back I filmed and edited a music video for a friend of mine. Now it's time to release it and we were wondering ways to debut it. One of the ideas was doing a live Q&A straight after the video premiered.

So I was wondering if it was possible to premiere a pre-recorded music video which then follows into a live Q&A session with the music artist, the host, and myself (the Film Maker). Because of COVID quarantine, the artist and the host will be in there own houses so I was wondering if it was possible to stream there live feed wirelessly?

So essentially there would be 4 sources:
1. Pre-recorded music video
2. The Film Maker's feed
3. The Artist's feed
4. The Host's feed

Could this be done by any chance? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading
You can play the video in a Media or VLC source, and for the q&a some sort of video conferencing software. For example discord (window capture), skype (window capture or ndi), zoom (window capture) or