1. P

    YouTube Fixed Link

    Hi, Thank you for the great OBS. I am creating a live stream to YouTube, Is it possible to have a fixed YouTube Live Stream URL. I am using a WordPress plugin to post the stream to my site; and its difficult to update the URL every time I create new stream! Best regards, Thank you
  2. citymanlive

    Youtube Shorts LIVE

    YouTube has added Shorts livestreams. Has there been any way for Shorts to broadcast from OBS? IF so, we can post more info here when we can. Thanks everyone!
  3. D

    Everything set up correctly butt still blury youtube live video

    Hello everyone I have a strange problem, as far as I know I have everything set up correctly, hope someone can help me. My Setup is: Camera 1 Sony FDR-AX700 4K Camcorder HDMI output seetings 1080p/480i 60p Camera 2 Sony FDR-AX53 4K Camcorder HDMI output seetings 1080p Laptop OS = Windows 11...
  4. G

    Automatic scoreboard updated with data from Live Score sites (Sofascore, Aiscore, 365Score, Scorebar, Scorebat, among others)

    There is or is the possibility of creating a scoreboard that puts the score and time of the match on sites such as 365Score, Sofascore, Flashscore, Scorebat, Scorebar, among others, just by placing the game link and the plugin or software automatically updates the score and time about the game?
  5. Harjas01

    HTTP request on stream stop

    I am using obs to stream to a rtmps server. I was wondering is there a way to make a HTTP request to my server when i click the stop stream button. I also want to include the stream key that was being user in the request so that my server can execute some custom logic. I searched for webhooks...
  6. royshilkrot

    CleanStream - Remove uh's, um's & profanity in your live stream or recording with AI! v0.0.3

    CleanStream is an OBS plugin that cleans live audio streams or any other video or audio source, from unwanted words and utterances. ~100 languages supported - fully local, no extra cloud costs! Interested in AI? Copilot for OBS? Check out my AI for OBS tutorials and URL/API source! Be a 10x...
  7. Y

    There's voice but no image

    I am trying to open a live broadcast on OBS(not start one), but I can hear the sound and there is no image. I am attaching screenshots(merged as one) and log files. I tried to use ffmpeg while trying to record the Tiktok live stream, but it doesn’t work because it doesn’t recognize the codec...
  8. J

    Pen Tablet Not Responding to Cintiq 16 Only When Live

    There is no issue with the tablet, app, or PC unless I hit the live button on OBS. Had this issue once before half a year ago, but it mysteriously resolved itself. The issue came back 2 months ago and despite all of the different ways I've systematically attempted to isolate and fix the issue...
  9. M

    Twitter Chat help

    Hello! So Recently i discovered you can live stream on twitter. only downfall is i cant see chat anywhere. when i looked up how to see chat it says you can only see it on mobile, but when i try watching form my phone i had my mods type in chat and i couldn't see anything didn't work...
  10. HowerfPlay

    Recorded video shown as Live

    I was going to edit a video i recorded for my channel, then i saw this... The video file is mkv. It happened when I was live on twitch, but i don't think this should happen. Can I convert it to mp4 then it'll fix? or can i do something else?
  11. B


    Hi, I just assembled my new computer I tried to make streams but it doesn't show well when I move. I've tried enabling network optimization but nothing changes. PC SPEC: i5 12600k RX6800xt 16gb 3600mhz cl16 OBS SETTING: Encoder: AMD HW H.264(AVC) Rate Control: CBR Bitrate: 6000Kbps KeyFrames...
  12. 2

    Ableton Live - OBS Not Displaying Opened Plug-In's On Screen/Stream

    I have many plug-ins open but they're display window's are invisible to OBS. OBS 28.0.3, Mac OS 12.6 , Ableton 11.2,
  13. animeotaku

    HDR Issues

    Hi, I'm trying to stream HDR 10 Bit from my laptop. However when I try to use Nvidia NVENC H.264 it doesn't work, and Nvidia NVENC HEVC doesn't show up, but does on the recording encoder. Is it a detection issue, or is it a bug? Recording in 10 bit is fine, but I stream, and record my...
  14. M

    Scrollbalken im live nicht anzeigen

    Hallo, Ich habe das Problem, das ich eine Browser-Source einblenden möchte, welche ich bereits über einen Scrollbalken steuern kann, jedoch wird dieser in der live Ansicht auch angezeigt... Das Ziel ist es, über den Scrollbalken interagieren zu können, ihn jedoch in der live Ansicht zu...
  15. Crimsonland1

    Stinger not working after intro

    Recently my stinger isn’t working after the intro of my streams. And my words are being cut also. Stinger and “hey welcome back to the channel my friends” all missing after the intro. Pro Mentality gaming YT my latest live stream you can see. But it’s happened 3 streams in a row now. I have...
  16. justedit

    Just Edit OBS theme Just Edit OBS theme 2.11

    Just Edit OBS theme Nice clean dark theme dedicated for live pro events with simple colors code. Based on the great work of MisutaaAsriel and his mindChip theme
  17. B

    HELP!!! I cant use Game Capture to capture OVERWATCH

    My system is windows 11. when i play overwatch with fullscreen and use obs to broadcast it,i use Game Capture to capture the game,i cant see anything in preview,my live room is black screen,i tried various methods to fix this problem but nothing has changed.But when i use Borderless Windowed,i...
  18. D

    Twitch live after 28th of Febraury

    According with you communication on Twitter, Starting from the end of February, It won't be impossible to use Obs to go live on Twitch, unless we use the latest version 27.2 . The latest update is giving me a lot of problems (and I'm not the only one) . What can we do in order to keep using...
  19. J

    ATEM Pro Live picture error

    Good evening, we have the following live set up. From the Atem Extrem Pro via USB to a laptop (I7-8550U 1.8 GHz processor, Radeon RX550 graphics card and 16 GB RAM) to OBS Studio. The image arrives flawlessly in the Atem. After a certain time, picture errors occur in OBS. There are no real...
  20. J

    OBS Live Bilder Probleme

    Guten Abend, wir haben folgendes Live Set Up. Vom Atem Extrem Pro per USB in einen Laptop (I7-8550U 1,8 GHz Prozessor, Radeon RX550 Grafikkarte und 16 GB RAM) zu OBS Studio. In dem Atem kommt das Bild einwandfrei an. Nach einer gewissen Zeit treten bei OBS Bildfehler auf. Es sind keine...