1. B

    Streaming from multiple locations with live music.

    I'm looking for a better solution for live streaming from different locations/participants but merging them into one single stream. So far I've been bringing Skype or Zoom into OBS and streaming it for Youtube. The thing is that we use live music for our productions and doing that with Skype...
  2. T

    Can someone please reference me to some code that would only capture audio?

    Hi guys! I'm building a new product, and I need to stream the audio only - live. Reason being mostly bandwidth usage, so I need the video to not be processed at all by my server. My back end skills are still not great. I can understand some, but don't know my way around writing the needed code...
  3. B

    Question / Help Facebook live stream doesn't work.

    I got a permanent key from Facebook, put it in to the OSB config and can't connect. My log is below and attached. 10:38:52.622: CoInitializeEx succeeded: 0x00000001 10:38:52.622: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz 10:38:52.622: CPU Speed: 1992MHz 10:38:52.622: Physical Cores...
  4. A

    Question / Help Need help with Windows -> Rekordbox -> VoiceMeeter -> OBS Studio -> Live Streaming (Part 2)

    This thread is the continuation of Part 1 (only 10 images allowed per thread...). Beyond this point, all images are about OBS Studio. As i said earlier, i didn't get this OBS part of the puzzle to work, yet. It seems possible, but something's missing, dunno why. Image 11: The Audio settings in...
  5. J

    Question / Help Accept invitations from Instagram live

    I'm currently running OBS and Yellow Duck so I can stream to Instagram Live, but want to be able to invite a friend's Instagram account to the stream, thus ending up with a split screen between the two of us for the viewer.
  6. S

    Question / Help Event with guest

    My company is planning a big online event where we want to stream a live Q&A but will welcome in live guests from different locations at different times of the event. It seems like Periscope or Google Hangouts are the best to use? We have OBS and restream to push to our stream out to our...
  7. B

    Question / Help Is there a way to detect if a stream is live programmatically?

    Im looking into automating OBS and implement some sort of health checks. Im not streaming to Twitch or Youtube but outputting the stream to an NGINX sever to create an output RTMP link for someone to ingest. I already have a script that automatically opens OBS and start stream via a batch file...
  8. A

    Question / Help Youtube stream sometimes skip frames

    Hello everyone, Does anyone noticed freezing screen at Youtube stream lately? My viewers are complaining that sometimes they have screen freeze for few secconds (audio is ok). The problem is that this happened without any pattern and not everyone having this problem. Sometimes one person can...
  9. R

    Question / Help Can I stream on Twitch with my hardware?

    Ive always wanted to stream on twitch but my PC could never handle it. With Google Stadia launching soon the idea has sparked in my mind again now that my pc wont be bearing the game's load anymore. I live in a low income home so upgrading isn't an option. These are my spec: Processor: AMD...
  10. AmadeusRings

    Bug Report OBS Boots me from both Facebook and Youtube MID-Stream

    Greetings, I tried Googling a solution and could not find one. I've tried lowering my bitrate, reinstalling OBS, etc. I've been trying to stream a game for the past week and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get a consistent stream. It seems to be at random. Attached is an error log. Could...
  11. D

    Question / Help How to delay a microphone in the monitor device

    Hi, i'm in trouble as I can't find a solution to sync audio and video in the monitor device (my computer). I'm trying to set up a live studio by using OBS as video mixer and I'm not able to sync audio and video while I'm showing the tranmission on a projector attached to my pc. I'm using some IP...
  12. H

    Bug Report I cant go LIVE!

    after update when i click on "GO LIVE".. its not working... windows 10 PRO 64- bit ... some help?
  13. michaellinder

    Question / Help How to rig a studio "air" monitor in XSplit OBS?

    I've spent a lifetime in broadcast television where live air monitors are everywhere. I'm just learning the secrets of XSplit Broadcaster and OBS Studio, but have yet to discover how to dedicate a monitor in your home studio to, um, monitor your output stream —you know, see how it's playing in...