Youtube Live Stream Starts From Itself


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(First of all i do not know if this is the right place to pose my question, i will go to google forum too)
So here is the thing.
I run 2 youtube live streams with OBS (with 2 backup streams using VPS). Suddenly yesterday (and today) a new live stream appeared on my channel. My followers notify me that there is another live stream and i can't figure out how that happened. The live stream is the same as one of the 2 mentioned. So there were 3 live streams on youtube but the third is still a mystery. There is nothing scheduled from my part, ill keep looking online but if anyone can help, it will be much appreciated.


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Someone could be capturing your stream and re-streaming it using a browser source..
I do that sometimes using the browser source in OBS


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If you look at the stream and it should say who is streaming it in the description underneath the youtube video you suspect..