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OBS Lua OBS Lyrics 1.5.1

How to use:
  1. Download the script and open it with OBS.
  2. Add some songs to the script and save them.
  3. Select the text source for displaying the lyrics. Set the amount of lines to display, default is 2. Optionally, you can setup hotkeys to control the lyrics display.
  4. Select a song from the song directory and click "Prepare Song". Do that to as many songs as you will need for the session.
  5. Once you are ready to display the lyrics, select the song you'd like to display from the "Prepared Songs" list and click "Show/Hide Lyrics" button or the appropriate hotkey.
  6. Advance lyrics as needed using the buttons or appropriate hotkeys.
  7. When you're finished with the current song, hide the lyrics and select the next song from the "Prepared Songs" list.
Added functionality:
  • Add ##P on any line that you want to keep as an empty line (for line padding, etc.)
  • Add #L:3 in the start of the lyrics to specify that a particular song is to be displayed 3 lines at a time (works with any number).
  • To display a specific song when a scene is activated, add a "Source" to the scene by clicking the + sign in the scene, adding a "Prepare Lyric" source, and selecting the song to open.
  • Use "Home" hotkey to return to the beginning of your prepared songs, perhaps after practicing the songs.
  • Append ### to the end of a line to display it by itself.
  • Use // to write a comment that will not display to your viewers, e.g., We sing to you God //repeats 5 times
  • Continue clicking Advance lyrics after the end of a song to begin the next prepared song.
  • Ensure a constant number of lines displayed using the checkbox, e.g., if the song ends and only one line is left, lyrics will be padded with blank lines to ensure you have a minimum number of lines.
  • Please notify me of any bugs or if you have any feature requests.
I'd like to recognize taxilian and DC Strato for their important contributions to the script as well, making it run more smoothly and adding multiple new capabilities.
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Latest reviews

Thank you so much for this, and thank you for all your hard work!
It is the most powerful script for the church to use for their streaming. So easy and save time to prepare any subtitles for worship and even it can be used for bible verses too. And D.C is fully responsible for this script. He has fixed any bugs reported by users. Never seen this kind of responsibility.
Very useful for displaying lyrics to songs or any pre-formatted text. The author is very responsive to posts, questions, suggestions, etc.